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CLARKE Edward EDWARD BRIAN CLARKE (83): A service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Kate Harrison. Family mourners attending: Joan Clarke, wife; Robert and Kirstie Clarke, son and daughter in law; Rosalyn and Jon Casbard, daughter and son in law; June Clarke, sister in law (also rep Graham Clarke, New Zealand); Joe and Diane Clarke, brother and sister in law; Barbara and John Stephenson, sister in law and brother in law; Irene Clarke, wife of late nephew, Tony; Harry and Kathleen Skelton, parents of daughter in law, Kirstie; Simon and Carol Stephenson, nephew and wife; Lauren Stephenson, great niece; Daniel Stephenson, great nephew; Kayleigh and Joe Rudd, great niece and husband; Sandra Clarke, niece; Anthony Clarke, nephew; Andrew Stephenson, nephew; Betty Brumby, cousin; Paul Cale, cousin (also rep Sue); Joanne and John Robinson, cousin and husband; Louise Hugill, cousin; Mary Brown, cousin (also rep Josie and Ken Smith, cousin and husband). Other mourners attending: Jean Winn (also rep Sue Martyn, and Geoff Hutchinson); Ann Hudson (also rep the Hudson family and Carole and Martin Ward); Roy Collier; Barrie Kime (also rep Kristin Kime, Jenny Threapleton, and John Davies); Jeremy and Joan White (also rep David and Margaret Stephenson); Jean Sinclair; Carol Campodonic (also rep Roy); Barbara Guilliatt; Doreen Hall; Peter and Marlene Allman; Josephine Johnson; Sylvia Ayers; Peter and Moira Tabois (also rep Leo and Margaret Solomon, and Chris Watford); Kevin and Dawn Rogers (also rep Jennie Rogers); Alan Gregg (also rep Geoff Hutchinson); Maggie Newman (also rep Val Hooper); Lynne Smith (also rep Scartho Library); Susan Kernachan; Millie Ririe; Joanna Warner; Derek and Kathleen Heywood; Stephen Heywood; Maureen Whitfield; Bill Threapleton; Chris Millard (also rep Ray); Pete Hayseldon (also rep Louth Jazz Club); Lee and Helen Freeman; Dave Greenbury; Denise and Pat Kirkham; Tony Campbell; Brian Bennett (also rep Val Hooper, and Bryan and Madeleine Bateman); Alan and Christine Coulbeck (also rep Barbara Coulbeck); Patricia Turner (also rep Monica Forrington); Warren Jolly; Dennis and Carol Coleman (also rep Terry and Val Munson); Anne Wright; Klaus and Dagmar Kuschmierski; Chris Belton; Norman Ellis; David Cook (also rep Audrey); Roy Norton (also rep Geoff Patterson); Brian and Brenda Keeley; David Keeley (also rep Jane); Frederick A Everett; Anne Easterbrook; Valerie Ladd; Jonathan Parker; Anne Parker (also rep Tony); John Grant; Arnold and Diana Sharlotte; Don Croft; Ron Marshall (also rep Paul, Caroline, Amy and Jessica); Barbara Edge; David Brumpton; Pam James (also rep Michael); Ron and Lyn Kirkby; Kevin and Jeanette Clarke; Beatrice Leonard (also rep Gill and Ted Blake); Derek and Joyce Snell; John and Jean Emberson (also rep David Emberson); Roger and Sandra Henton; Peter and Daphne Stamp; Tony and Julie Binns; John Thompson (also rep Lulu White); Terry and Pat Drew (also rep Jan Wilkinson); Gill Chase (also rep George Gamble); Angela Beane (also rep Nigel and Alison Beane, and Colin and Helen Smith, Newsagent); David and Elaine Howsan (also rep the Apex Jazz Band); Alan Dickenson (also rep the Apex Jazz Band); Malcolm and Pam Hammond (also rep Chris Slosmanis); David and Janice Ward (also rep Ann Howe); Joan Jones; Michelle Johnson, Julie Holmes and Dr Helen Beckett (all rep Dr Chalmers and Dr Meier at Weelsby View Health Centre); Gill Atkinson; Colin and Hazel Gordon (also rep Baz and Pat Dixon, Ann and Brian Gordon, and Les and Hazel Williams); Leonard Dale; Noel and Ann Akester (also rep St Peter's Church Cleethorpes); Daphne Farquharson; John Storey (also rep Keith and Ellen Blanchard); June Portus; Pat Cormack; John Best; Sandra Brown; Brian Stephenson; John and Phyllis Youles (also rep Mavis and Graham Robinson). Funeral arrangements were by Co-operative Funeralcare, Grimsby.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: September 10, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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Funeral Director
Co-operative Funeralcare
Abbey Road, Grimsby
South Humberside, DN32 0HN
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