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Thomas Edward DALEY

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DALEY THOMAS EDWARD (86): A service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler. Family mourners attending: Anne Daley, wife; Lee Daley, son; Andrew and Justine Gough, daughter and son in law; Carlos and Justine Madeira, stepson and wife; Peter and Jill Daley, brother and wife; Charlotte Gough, granddaughter; Jasper Gough, grandson; Walter Daley, grandson; Samuel Madeira, grandson; Charlie Madeira, grandson; Dean and Mandy Daley, son and daughter in law; Maureen Johnson, sister; Edwin Ravenscroft, uncle; Susan Johnson, niece; Rosetta Ridley, great niece; Julie and Graham Simmonds, niece and husband; Justin and Claire Ravenscroft, nephew and wife; Suella and Paul Hutchinson, niece and husband; Zoe Ravenscroft and Adam Moxon, niece and partner; Ted Watkin, cousin; Alan Watkin, second cousin; John Ravenscroft, cousin; Terry and Glyn Robinson, cousin and husband; Karen Travis, cousin; Joanne Whitworth, cousin; Carol Collins (also rep Brian McDonough); Jean and Mick Ashworth; John Carberry; Lorraine Carberry; Hayden Carberry. Other mourners attending: Joanna Nurse (also rep Dominic); Murdo and Sheanac Macinnes; Mark and Linda Machon (also rep Greta Machon); Byron Marks; John Brooks; David Gould and Carol Bradbury; Brian Woodliff; Andrew and Carol Loads; Cheryl and James Bradshaw; Philip Taylor (also rep Barbara and John Taylor, Paul and Sally Tilby, and Alice Tilby); Lee and Beverley Machon (also rep Gordon Holden); Steve and Babs Farman; Pat and Peter Blanchard; Frederick Smith (rep Pauline, also J H Smith); Albert Bridge (also rep Dana); Tony Bratley; Wally Lord; Sharon Bloomfield (also rep the Bloomfield family, and Brenda Graham); Samantha Bloomfield; Maureen Kronsbein; Carole Fletcher; Leigh Brown; Teresa Noton; Danny Burton (also rep Ian Rispin); Stephen Wood; Patricia Oxborough; Kevin Franklin; Terry Wilkinson; Terry Blow; Olav and Diana Turner; Darren and Clare Turner; John and Joyce Stenton (also rep Dave Rushworth, Frank Barrat, George Gamble, and Pat Williams); Kay Ashworth; Harry and Pam Buck; David Fisher (also rep Freda); Lucy Aissa Taylor (also rep Darren Gibson, and Trevor Horsewood); Andy and Angela Allen; Liz Robinson; Michael Watkins; Joanna McKeown; Michael Dolby; Tony Galyer (rep the Galyer family, also Norman Galyer Motors); Paul Birkinshaw; Mike Handley; Matthew Thomson (also rep Martin Wilkins); Jeff Thomson. Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeralcare, Grimsby.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: May 01, 2020.
Home town: Grimsby
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Funeral Director
Kettle Ltd Funeral Directors
135 Granville Street, Grimsby
South Humberside, DN32 9PB
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