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Raymond DRURY

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DRURY Raymond Raymond Harold Drury: A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Fiona Glover Family Mourners: Janet Drury, wife; Karen Rayner, daughter; Mark Rayner, son-in-law; Robert Drury, son; Keely Drury, daughter-in-law; Lauren Rayner and Lee Atrill, granddaughter and partner; Adam Rayner and Becky Elgar, grandson and partner; Ella Drury, granddaughter; Pauline Arnold, aunt (also rep Julie Hannath and Vicki Close); Roy and Janet Drury, cousin and wife; Peter and Nancy Tilbury, cousin and wife; Dave and Emma Tilbury; Wendy Newman, cousin (also rep Michael Newman and family); Linda Newman, cousin; Denise Newman, cousin (also rep Julie Rigby); Ruth Newton, Goddaughter; Others Attending:Terry and Alison Brown, Graham and Sue Barr, Peter and Joan Lancaster, Ian and Pat Lammie, David and Heather Hyams, Richard and Tricia Ward, Peter and Daphne Stamp, David and Lyn Boon, Terry and Pamela Yates, Ted and Joan Johnson, Alan and Jean Ashton, Frank and Heather Dutton, Terry and Sheila James, John and Hazel Crockart, Archie and Sue Ayre, Kevin and Lucy Brumby, John and Rosalind Couldstone, Jim and Gill Martin, Derek and Eleanor Hall, Ray and Barbara Parker, Brian and Val Smith,Trevor and Janet Thornally, Byron and Pat Simpson, Paul and Lynne Duckworth (Everyman Club);Steve and Julie Cocks (also rep Paul Baldock); Mr and Mrs S Conolly (also rep Mr and Mrs S Josephs); Terry and Sue Ingham (also rep Laura Ratchford); David and Margaret Brewin (also rep Mark and Lesley Gregory); Brian and Janet Rilatt (also rep Jenny Steele, Darren Winslow and Geoffrey and Penny Smith); Messrs: Geoff Border, Daniel Ingham, Alistair Dowswell, Malcolm Boyd, David Holmes, Rollie Spencer, Tim Leadbeater, Ivor Farrant, Brian Smith, Ian Davey (Everyman Club), Tom Johnston, David Soames, Terry Rudrum, Terry Morgan, Derek Maidens, Alan Rolph, Ken Brittain, David Robinson, Jim Holden, Dennis Pinder, Neil Noble (Schoolfriend), Mos Kalmbassi, John Armstrong, Bill Fox (also rep June Fox); Terry Firth (also rep Janet Firth); Paul Smith (also rep Mrs K Smith); Roger Chamley (also rep Sue Cook); John Kirkby (also rep Rose Kirkby); Barry Harvey (also rep Abbey Art Group); Peter Lane (also rep Cleethorpes Rock Choir); Martin Francis (also rep RSPB Grimsby Group); Geoff Bartholomew BEM (also rep Discoveries FC); Mesdames and Misses:Linda Goffin,, Stefanie Baker, Patricia Singleton, Judith Cripsey, Sheila Riggall, Jan Baker, Susan Warren, Freda Smith, Gill Furneaux, Celia Aycliffe, Jenny Redpath, Rita Portus, Margaret Peart, Elizabeth Roger, Jennifer Plaskitt, Sue Chapman, Sylvia Appleby, Helen Leary, Sally Howard (also rep Maureen Hurst); Ann Appleby (also rep Eileen Carr); Jean Liles (also rep David Liles); Elaine Munson (also rep Abbey Walk Gallery); Jane Drinkall (also rep Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust); Carol Bratton (also representing Mr and Mrs Terry Gibbon); Arrangements were by Mashfords Independent Funeral Services of Cleethorpes
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: February 25, 2019.
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
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