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Margaret Rose DUNNING

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DUNNING Margaret Rose A funeral service for Margaret Rose Dunning (71) of Alkborough, who passed away on 1st June 2019, was conducted by Penny Pringle at St. John the Baptist Church, Alkborough on Tuesday 18th June 2019 and was followed by committal at Woodlands Crematorium, Scunthorpe. Family mourners attending: Brian Dunning, husband, Heather Burley, daughter, Fiona May, daughter, Lisa Dunning, daughter, Jason Burley, son-in-law, Paul May, son-in-law, Russ Bracegirdle, son-in-law, Josie Bracegirdle, grandaughter, Mr. & Mrs. M. Turner, brother & sister-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. I. Holmes (also rep. (Sandilands Family - Jordan), sister & brother-in-law, Mrs. B. Chetwood, sister-in-law, Miss. L. Dunning, sister-in-law, Mrs. C. Turner, sister-in-law, Mr. H. Dunning, brother-in-law, Miss. P. Marshall, niece, Miss H. Turner, niece, Mr. D. Turner, nephew, Mr. & Mrs. D. Turner, cousin Others attending included: Mrs. P. Harrison, Mrs. S. May (also rep. Mrs. J. Roberts), Mrs. L. Roberts, Mr. S. May, Mrs. M. Burley (also rep. Mr. S. Burley), Mr. & Mrs. T. Wilson (also rep. Miss V. Martinson), Mrs. A. Campbell (also rep. Mr. B. Campbell & Mr. S. Campbell), Mrs. E. Keaton (also rep. Keaton Family), Mrs. A. Wilson, Miss F. Flippance, Mrs. S. Dawson, Mr. & Mrs. R. Oliver, Mrs. P. McCoid, Mr. T. Coulson (also rep. Mrs. Coulson), Mr. C. Tate (also rep. Mr. C. Lathenby), Mr. S. Tate (also rep. Mr. J. Cowling & Mr. & Mrs. D. Jackson), Mr. D. Roberts, Miss M. Jarrett (also rep. Mr. P. Clifton & Mr. & Mrs. T. Watson), Mr. N. Jarrett, Mr. B. Stubbs (also rep. Mrs. L. Stubbs), Miss B. Burt, Miss D. Hibbs, Mr. M. Cowling, Mr. & Mrs. P. Stannard (also rep. Mr. & Miss. D. Drury), Mrs. S. Duncan, Miss S. Duncan (also rep. Mr. N. Duncan), Mr. & Mrs. B. Maguire, Mr. G. Coulson, Mr. & Mrs. J. Raby, Mr. R. Gray, Mr. & Mrs. A. Rawlinson, Mr. A. Chetwood, Miss K. Chetwood, Mr. & Mrs. M. Gray, Mrs. K. Robinson (Gray), Mrs. D. Davis (Chetwood), Miss T. Chetwood, Miss M. Chetwood, Mr. J. Birkett, Mrs. M. Lambert (also rep. Mr. W. Lambert & Liz & Andrew), Mr. O. Batty (also rep. Mrs. A. Batty), Mrs. N. Taylor, Mrs. J. Brand, Mrs. J. Szenher, Miss G. Alexander, Mrs. H. Luck, Mr. S. Spencer (also rep. Mrs. M. Hawkes & Mr. & Mrs. J. Fox), Miss M. Rhodes, Mrs. C. Rhodes, Mrs. J. Davidson-Hill, Mr. G. Birkett, Mr. & Mrs. I. Dunderdale, Mrs. J. Cowling,Miss K. Sharp, Mrs. A. Benson (also rep. Benson Family), Mrs. M. Dean, Miss M. Dean, Mrs. S. Pilgrim, Mrs. H. Coulbrook, Mr. & Mrs. P. Day, Mr. & Mrs. J. Gale, Mr. N. Harlend & Councillor H. Rowson
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Published in: Scunthorpe Telegraph.
Published from: July 04, 2019.
Home town: Alkborough
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