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Ronald Morrison FAIRWEATHER

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FAIRWEATHER Ronald Morrison A funeral service for Mr. Ronald Morrison Fairweather (80) of Healing, who passed away on 29th July 2019, was conducted by Mr. Phil Spicksley at Grimsby Crematorium on Monday 12th August 2019. Family mourners attending: Kate Fairweather, wife, Kenneth Fairweather, brother, Jill Fairweather, sister-in-law, Wendy Hartnett, niece, Hunter Kirkpatrick (also rep. Eilidh Kirkpatrick), nephew, Colin Kirkpatrick, nephew, Bernie Hartnett, nephew, Jacqueline Kirkpatrick, niece, Maggie Kirkpatrick, niece, Donald Fairweather (also rep. Heather Fairweather), nephew, Sheena Hasslinger (also rep. Walter Hasslinger), niece, Colin Nairns, cousin, Patricia Nairns, cousin, Margaret Walker, cousin, Phil Walker, cousin, Mr. & Mrs. P. Walker, cousin Others attending included: Mrs. B. Dyer, Mr. M. George, Mrs. S. Hough, Mr. D. Moody, Mr. & Mrs. T. Parker (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. M. Gallant & Mr. & Mrs. S. Barker), Mrs. E. Carr (also rep. Grimsby Tangent), Mrs. A. Appleby (also rep. Mrs. G. Hurneaux, Mrs. D. King, Mr. & Mrs. T. Guilliatt), Mrs. C. Whitley (also rep. Mr. D. Winteringham), Mrs. J. Thompson (also rep. Mrs. P. Gibbon & Grimsby Tangent), Mrs. J. Hyde (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. K. read, Mrs. D. Piper & Mrs. A. Digby), Mrs. D. Jessop (also rep. Mrs. J. Woodhouse, Mrs. N. Saville & Mrs. M. Sutton), Mrs. V. Parnaby, Mrs. S. Cropp (also rep. Mr. R. Cropp), Mr. P. Grant, Mr. S. Nicholson, Mr. & Mrs. J. Freshwater, Mr. & Mrs. T. Beach, Mrs. D. King, Mrs. A. Smith (also rep. Chairman Healing Village Society), Dr. & Mrs. M. Stopper, Mr. & Mrs. J. Greenwood, Mr. & Mrs. I. Baillie, Mr. J. Baillie, Mr. H. Baillie, Mr. H. Younger, Mr. G. Clark, Mr. M. Sutton, Mr. D. Plaskitt, Mr. P. Smy, Mr. B. Lightfoot, Mr. H. Wood, Mr. & Mrs. A. Onley (also rep. Mr. & Mrs. N. Oxley), Mrs. S. Lockett, Mr. B. Greenland, Mrs. M. Wheatley, Mr. M. Francis (also rep. Mrs. A. Francis), Mr. B. Southwell, Mr. K. Shores, Mr. P. Ede Funeral arrangements were by H & HJ Huteson & Sons of Barton-upon-Humber, Immingham & Winterton.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: September 12, 2019.
Home town: Healing
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Funeral Director
H & HJ Huteson & Sons Funeral Directors
Bluestone Lane, Immingham
South Humberside, DN40 2DX
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