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FINNIGAN Alan Alan Finnigan (65): A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mr Nick Oldfield Family Mourners: Pat Finnigan, wife; Bill Finnigan, brother; Annette Finnigan, sister-in-law; Norah Scott, sister-in-law; Adam and Sara Callow, nephew and wife; Daniel Callow and Elizabeth Chetwind, nephew and partner; Mo Author, good friend; Other Mourners: Bill, Maureen and Craig Clarkson, Cliff and Louise Bielby, Martin and Janet Gaiger, Colin and Ann Cooper, John Butler and Alison Dunnington, Reece and Chloe Bryant, Martin and Joan Steel, Keith and Pam Peart, Nigel Horton and Alison Callow, Alan and Maggie Cox (also rep Emma Baxter): David and Vicky Bannister (also rep Cym Whitley): Mr and Mrs Bill Mitchell (also rep Co-op Funeral Care): Rob and Fiona Hargreaves (also rep Andy and Jo Topliss); Gary, Melanie, Ella and Lucy Suckling (also rep Harry and Allison): Messrs: Pete White, Alan Gabbitas, Fred Drake, Roy Bielby, Leslie Smith, Mike Shreeve, Paul Webster, Mark Coombes, Terry Bond, Brian Kirwin, Eric Collins, Keith Watkin, Derek Austin, Ron Wright, Dave Moore, Michael Galyer, John Moore, Tony Stuffin, Tony Bywater, Keith Priddis, Bruce Welbourne, Andy Rowe (also rep Karen Boon): Kevin O'Flinn (also rep Jayne O'Flinn): Jim Fell (also rep Allison Fell and girls); Carl Dewberry (also rep Lesley Dewberry): Darren Mitchell (also rep Lindy Mitchell and David Emberson): Scott Bradley (also rep Costcutter and Ripon Street Post Office): Mesdames and Misses: Bev Milson, Liz Stephenson, Brenda Austin, Carole Howard, Sue Wink, Jenna Kershaw, Louise Evenden, Bronwyn Evenden, Mandy Smith, Ruth Fisher, Doreen Goodall, Jane Poole, Karen Oakley, Ann Lane (also rep Sandy Marland): Theresa Gale (also rep Steve Gale): Fiona Glover (also rep Phil Glover): Joan Sargent (also rep Rod Sargent); Sue Bessey (also rep Richard Bessey): Anna Maria Hooley (also rep Darren Hooley): Doreen Morland (also rep Malcolm Morland): Katy Etheridge, Wilsons (also rep Bev Groves): Heather Fuller (also rep Paul Fuller and Simon White): Chris Cowood (also rep Sheila Tansley and Sue Tansley); Pauline Tolson (also rep Mo Forman, Waltham Funeral Service): Arrangements were by J W Emberson
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: August 07, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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