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FLEAR Frank Frank Flear (86): A Service of Thanksgiving took place at the Grimsby Minster and was conducted by the Rev Canon Andrew Dodd Family Mourners Attending: Marion Flear, wife; Penny and Carl Briggs, daughter and son-in-law; David Flear, son and Katy Reeves; Max Flear, grandson; Katherine Briggs, granddaughter; Roy Mercer, brother-in-law; Hilary Fyfe, sister-in-law; Pamela Fyfe, sister-in-law; Nicola and Mike Read, niece and husband; Helen Fyfe, niece; Ruth Bowen, niece; Alison Jenkins, niece and Imogen Jenkins, great niece; Deborah and Phil Flowers, niece and husband (also rep Barbara Salmon); Ian and Dawn Mercer, nephew and wife (also rep Sarah and Paul Mercer and Stephen Moss); Emma Hodgson, great niece; Timothy Flowers, great nephew; Imogen Jenkins, great niece; Amelia Hodgson, great niece; Pat and Mike Hodds, niece and husband; Michael Hodds, great nephew; Michaela Hodgson, great niece (also rep Dr Nick Schofield, nephew and Alistair Schofield, nephew); Others Attending: Len and Sheila Wright, Captain John Woods and Mrs June Woods, Ian and Diana Shelton, David and Sarah Smith, Wayne and Helen Hill, John and Brenda Blundell, Mr and Mrs Keith Atkinson, James and Emma Milligan-Manby, Ian and Anne Miller, Dennis and Pauline Dunn, Dr and Mrs Furkin, Peter and Jacqui Jones, Roger and Ann Markham, Mr and Mrs M Drew, Pete and Cheryl Ward, Guy and Sally Briggs, Mr and Mrs Ron Parrish, Paul and Gillian Burns, Ivor Appleton MBE and Ann Appleton, Mr and Mrs Stan Shreeve, David and Jennifer Christian, Dr Rob and Mrs Bain, Martyn and Anne Gardiner, Nigel and Jan Christmas, Mark and Helen Wheatley, Vaughan and Julie Dillon, Wynne and Dawn Griffiths, David and Pamela Spyvee, Barry and Irene Hannington, Michael and Jill Muldoon, Peter and Anna Doswell, David and Sue Baker, David and Leigh Willey, John and Pat Spilman, Roger and Clare Smith, George and Pauline Proctor (GCDYO), Malcolm and Tricia Lofts, John and Anne Lavin, Mike and Natalie Woods (also rep FMA); Ron and Liz Seddon (also rep Jane Hinson); Peter and Ruby Chester (also rep Paul and Mary Vincent); David and Louise Emberson (also rep Lorraine Brown); Stuart and Sue Hollingsworth (also rep Richard Hough); John and Sandra King (also rep Graham and Mindy King); Andrew and Jane Beeken (also rep Garry and Bridget Biggs); Eric and Margaret Sharp (also rep Kenwick Park Golf Club); John and Ruth Sutcliffe (also rep Tina Munnings); John and Ann Morton (also rep Brian and Toni McVeigh); RH Woods and Charlotte Woods (also rep Mrs R Abbott); Stuart and Barbara Falconer (also rep Mark Falconer and Fred and Pat Verity); Ian and Rhona Sherburn (also rep Stuart Sherburn and Wilkin Chapman); Mark and Linda Webb (also rep Lady Diana Marsden and family and Kevin Franklin); Brian and Ros Ruffell-Ward (also rep Helen Burgess and Michelle Robinson (The Ship Inn); Bryan and Patricia Huxford (also rep Huxford family and Mike and Kate Quickfall); Mr and Mrs John Stenton (also rep Brenda Fisher BEM, George Gamble and Frank Barratt); Mr and Mrs Chris Westwood (also rep Ralph and Jan Owens and Richard and Liz Davey); Roy and Kathy Plaskitt (also rep Richard and Michelle and family and Jonathan and Jayne and family); David Hornby and Jenny Hornby (also rep Martin Vickers MP and Ann Vickers): Tony Dennis, Lord Lieutenant of North East Lincolnshire and Mrs Sarah Dennis; Messrs: David Overton, Chris Melville (Ex Port Health), Martin Connolly, Robert Hughes-Penney, Graham Rowles Nicholson, Tony Powell, Mike Toyne, Don Croft, Reverend Alan Hundleby, David Laister (Grimsby Telegraph), Kevin Chapman, Paul Chapman, Alan Ashton, Rob Walsh, Martin King, Stephen Bailey, Danny Burton, Mike Walker, Andrew Major, Martin Maslin, Ivor Farrant, Alex Burns, Mike Harycrowian, Reggie Tyrwhitt, Nigel Edwards, Jon Ruscoe, Chris Carr (also José Carr and family); Paul Rudd (also rep Valda Rudd); Michael Carr (also rep Anne Carr); Dave Hill (also rep Andrew Foster); Simon Dennis (also rep KD Design); Nigel Lowther (also rep Liz Lowther); Malcolm Hoole (also rep Sylvia Hoole); Roger Douglas (also rep Norah Douglas); William Cuff (also rep Andrew Clark); Howard Belt (also rep Duckworth Landrover); Murdo MacInnes (also rep Mrs S MacInnes); Vincent McDonagh (also rep Steve Norton); George Bowering (also rep Penny Bowering); Henry Pearson (also rep Cherry Ann Pearson); Laurie Little (also rep Philip and Ranka Cartledge); David Robinson (also rep North East Lincolnshire Council); Malcolm Eley (also rep Elizabeth Eley and Mrs June Amos); Richard Bellamy, former High Sherriff (also rep Mrs Wendy Bellamy); Peter Booker (also rep Jonathan Hewitt and all at Hewitts Jewellers); Anthony Grantham (also rep Matthew and Jo Ramsden (The Cyclists); Peter Oliver (also rep Barbara Oliver and friends at Steel's Corner House); Keith Oliver (also rep June Oliver and Oliver Brothers Fish Merchants);Alex Green (also rep Grimsby Cleethorpes and District Youth Orchestra, Dr Turnham and Mr and Mrs Leo Solomon); Carl Fanthorpe (also rep Chris Sparkes at Jaines Seafoods Ltd and John and June Little); Andrew Allard (also rep Grimsby Fishing Vessel Owners and Peter and Jenny Watts); Mike Beckett (also rep John Cawley, Mr and Mrs Ken Bottomley and Mr and Mrs Graham Kay); Alan Sanders (also rep Rachel Cumming, New Directions Managements Services Ltd and Gary Holtby, Chairman and Directors The Point Cleethorpes Ltd); Martyn Boyers, Chief Executive of Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprises (also rep Charles, J Marr Ltd and Chairman of GFDE, Pétur Bjornsson, Isberg Ltd and Director of GFDE, Chris Goodwin, Grimsby Slipway and Director of GFDE and Gerry Raines, President of Grimsby Fish Trade Golf Society); Mesdames and Misses: Eileen Borrill, Barbara Roe, Jennifer Bartram, Karen Oxborough, Gill Martin, Elaine Elder, Susanne Dixon, Pam Cross, Diane Gibson, Pat Bennett, Heather Polledri, Pat Baker, Alison Ruscoe, Anna Ruscoe, Sylvia Cain, Daphne Spoor, Rachel Appleton, Carol McDonald, Sophie Smith, Lucy Smith, Gill Alton, Dot Coull, Abbie Cowling, Veronica Pettifer, Rose Lacy, Jane Steer (also rep Mike Steer); Yvonne Wood (also rep Bill Wood): Silla Haith (also rep Mr and Mrs John Clugston): Thora Munnings (remembering Peter Munnings); Wendy Bradley (also rep Max Bradley); Jenny Toulson (also rep Haines Watts); Joanne Allard (also rep Vera Allard); Ros Aitchison (also rep Sue Amos); Karen Fenwick (also rep James Fenwick); Diane Morton (also rep Chris and Charlotte); Margaret Furness (also rep Michael Furness); Beryl Smith (also rep Alistair and Fiona Smith); Davinia Hicks (also rep Emma, Rowena and Harriet); Di Everitt (also rep Polly Pike and Alec and Alice King); Angela Ashby-King (also rep Stephen Ashby and all staff at Keith Graham Ltd); Carol and Suzy Nidd (also rep Mike Fleming, Mr and Mrs D Seifers and Christine Fleming); Pat Murgatroyd (also rep Grimsby Cleethorpes and District Youth Orchestra PFC) Arrangements were by J W Emberson
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: April 09, 2019.
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
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