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Vandon Lee GARDNER

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GARDNER Vandon Lee Vandon Lee Gardner (46): a service took place at Millfields Hotel, Grimsby and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler Family mourners attending: Katerina Pascali, girlfriend; Alexander Gardener, son Sonja Mathiesen, mother; Brian Gardner, father; Annalise Gardner, sister; Lorna Burton, sister; Louise Gardner, sister; Jaelle Walker, niece; Kane Walker, nephew; Nicholas Pascali, father-in-law; Olympia Pascali, mother-in-law; Mark Carrington, best friend; Christalla Pascali, sister-in-law; Ruth Mathisen, aunt; Paul Gardner, cousin; Lee Gardner, cousin; Graham Gardner, uncle; Carole Gardner, aunt; Karen Gardner, cousin; Kevin Gardner, cousin; Tracey Sheriff, cousin; Stacey Johnson, cousin; Danielle Clarke, cousin; Peter Mathiesen, uncle; Greta Mathiesen, aunt; Other mourners attending: Sarah Gardner; John Gardner; Mathew Johnson; Ieuan Lloyd; Billy Sloan; Natasha Macken; Amy Lancaster; Billy Lord; Graham Vick; Reverend Katherine Farrell; Christine Plant; Chris Arliss; Lynn Rogers; Julie McCarthy; Rebecca Burgess; Iain Crowe; Kaitlin Carrington; Emma Carrington; Geoff Melbourne; Richard Francis; Rachel Francis; Sonja Larsen-Crisp; Katie Atkin; Cleo Lammin-Crowe; Roy Daysh; Adrian Francis; Gary Francis; Jennie Hotson; Pete Hotson; Katie Hotson; Lynn Vincent; Scarlett Foster; Barbara Larsen; Jaqueline Samuels; Steve Francis; Chris Francis; Elizabeth Francis; Angela Heelas; Alex Knight; Dan Fawcett; John Carrington; Diane Carrington; Hannah Carrington; Aiden Fletcher; Kath Reeder; Shane Hunt; Maureen Barley; Lincoln McKnuckles; Jody McCourt; Kerry Mussell; Rob Sanderson; Shaun Wilkins; Richard Trusler; Hayley Trusler; Gary Wilson; Wayne Carlisle; Vicky Gargett; Lu Williams; Christian Wiltshire. Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: September 06, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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Funeral Director
Sentiments Funeral Home
17 Chantry Lane, Grimsby
North Lincolnshire, DN31 2LP
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