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Margaret GOODWIN

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GOODWIN Margaret Margaret Goodwin (73): A service took place at St Peter's Church, Humberston, followed by a committal at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by the Rev Louise Vincer Family Mourners: George Goodwin, husband; Theresa Barker, daughter; Christine Artist, daughter; Tim Barker, son-in-law; Stuart Artist, son-in-law; Harry Barker, grandson; Alfie Artist, grandson; Susan and Tony Rowley, sister and brother-in-law; David and Margaret Smith, brother and sister-in-law; John and Ray Goodwin, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Alan Smith, nephew; James and Margaret Coleman, nephew and wife; Sam Colebrook, niece (also rep Kev Colebrook, Danny and Tommy); Selina Stephenson, niece (also rep Lee Stephenson, Ryan and Grace): Julie Sweeney (also rep Mark Sweeney, nephew and Georgina Sweeney, sister-in-law); Pat Stringer and Susan Sinclair, great nieces (also rep Georgina Dot Booth, niece); Caroline Caple, cousin; Lorraine Howell, cousin (also rep Raymond Smith); Others Attending: Colin and Patricia Warr, Carol and Sheila Arini, Malcolm and Carol Finning, Mike and Lisa Lamb, Glenn and Louise Elliott, Ernie and Kathleen Gawthrop, Richard and Margo Bradley, Michael and Janet Graves, Rev Chris and Ann Woadden, Ian and Linda Loadman, Hedley and Jackie Barker, Vic and Vi Toulson, Bruce and Mary Robinson (also rep Jean Gray); Malcolm and Angela Elford (also rep Sarah Elford): Alastair and Diane Finch (also rep Hannah and Callum Finch and Jean Gray); Terry and Janet Woodward (also rep Jean Rees and Mr and Mrs Thomas Foley): Messrs: Graham Charles, Reg Vauvert, Kevin Onn, Peter Holden, George Harniess, Ian Robinson, Denis Powers, Steve Barker, Richard Webster, John Beck (also rep Joyce Beck): Mesdames and Misses: Del Harvey, Mona Drion, Lesley Howard, Karen Avery, Lauren Avery, Barbara Cleator, Margaret Pearson, Hayley Carver-Smith, Kay De Halle, Chris Lofts, Margaret Pepper, Lindsey Cross, Julie Gray, Norma Green, Margaret peart, Gill Martin, Mabel Robinson, Janice Davie, Jo Scott, Kim Owen, Jackie Adams, Margaret Craven, Betty Burkinshaw,Rosetta Manders, Helen Drury, Esther Peterson, Maureen Williams (schoolfriend), Sandra Tinch, Kate Fisher, Janet Gawthrop, Julie Fisher (also rep Martyn Fisher); Joyce Smith (also rep Pat Smith): Hilary Booth (also rep Caroline Cox): Pamela Borrill (also rep John Borrill); Susan Sinclair (also rep Craig Sinclair): Layla Kasem (also rep Patricia Smith): Gaye Frizzell (also rep Carol V ickers); Rosalie Drakes (also rep Richard Drakes); Coral Hinchliffe (also rep Ivan and Oliver): Jenny Marchant (also rep Shirley Mathieson): Angie Bateman (also rep Paul Bateman and family); Marie Clarke (also rep 2nd Humberston Rainbows): Pauline Johnston (also rep Eric and Jacki Johnson): Jayne Newby (also rep Alastair, Thomas and Laura): Pam Thompson (also rep 2nd Humberston Brownies): Margaret Walker (also rep Anthony Walker and family): Leona Bee (also rep George Bee and Mr and Mrs J Clinton): Sally Mitchell (also rep all Dinner Ladies of Humberston C of E School); Sue Clinton (also rep Marion Hewis, Emma Rodwell and Charlotte Hough); Ann Lynn (also rep Mary Nelson, Peggy Gregory and 5th Cleethorpes Brownies): Cheryl Needham, Cleethorpes Division Guides (also rep Marilyn Tucker, Oaks County Campsite, Pauline and Charlotte Hough, Cleethorpes Division Guides); Alison Gosling (also rep Claire Gosling, Allison Wood, Kathryn Broadburn and 1st Cleethorpes, Rainbows, Brownies and Guides); Arrangements were by Mashfords Independent Funeral Services of Cleethorpes
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: March 15, 2019.
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
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