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HAGUE Barry Barry Hague (84): A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Ivan Stead Family Mourners Attending: Helene Hague, wife; Matt Wilson, nephew; Shanan Marsh, niece; Anne Vine, cousin; Elaine Parker, cousin; Sandra Marshall, cousin; Christine and John Doyley, cousin; Alan and Gwen Dumbleton, cousin; Barry Marsh, Godson; Andrew Collins, Godson; David Marsh, Godson Stuart Macfarlane, Godson; Others Attending: Bob and Barbara Collins, Roger and Pat Bird, Mike and Pauline Hutchinson, John and Mary Sutton, Barry and Patricia Simpson, David and Margaret Oxborough, Arthur and Jennifer Doyley, Mr and Mrs J Ferrier, Ove and Shirley Hansen, Peter and Sheila Harrison, Grant and Joyce Moffat, David and Margaret Evans, Ron and Beryl Moore, Alex and Pat Johnson, Martyn and Donna Foxley, Dennis and Lynne Kitching, Sid and Maureen Gyte, John and Janet Marsh, Glenn and Pam Doore, Fred and Paula Smith, Dave and Ann Croucher, Mr and Mrs Duggan (also rep Kristian); David and Wendy Allenby (also rep Lindsey Art Assocation); Mr and Mrs Richard Sutherland (also rep Ian and Sue Pinyoun); David and Diane Bunn (also rep Helen and Joanne and Vera Hunt): Messrs: John Marsh, Andrew Collins, Andrew Wilson, John Thomas, Fred Patrick, Frank Bridge, Barrie Foster, Derek Swales, Stephen Griffiths, David Lobley, Alan Thomas, Barry Huntley, Tony Wrack, Paul Blackbourn, David Marsh, George Love, Ian Ferrier (also rep Sally Ferrier): Philip Tanner (also rep Sarah Tanner): John Stenton (also rep Len Weatherall and Dave Rushworth): Richard Ranyard (also rep Committee of the Lindsey Art Association); Mesdames and Misses: Charlotte Duggan, Karen Allen, Gemma Collins, Iris Pett, Helen Fall, Jeanne Howard, Julie Wright, Catherine Hollin, Angie Hunt, Nibby Law, Andrea Anderson, Sharon Gomes, Amanda Young, Lesley McHale, Mandy Oxborough, Rosemary Read, Diana Hambly, Jo Needler, Kath Hollings, Janice Grant (also rep Mary Bell); Lilian Parker (also rep Ben Jacobs); Joyce Hanson (also rep Roy Hanson): Sandra Brooks (also rep Doris Collins): Cherry Tingle (also rep David Tingle): Susan Laver (also rep Bernard Laver): Carol Macfarlane (also rep Iain Macfarlane): Karen Harvey (also remembering Jean Harvey): Jan Foster (also rep Wendy Moore, Michael Cooke and Jumbulance); Pauline Waumsley (also rep Rodney Waumsley and Rhona Durkin): Sharon Long, Amanda Buckley, Karen Neal and Andrea Gollings (also rep Rivelin Care Home): Arrangements were by J W Emberson
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: April 09, 2019.
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
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