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Pauline Diane HOLBERRY

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HOLBERRY Pauline Diane Pauline Diane Holberry (72): A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Fiona Glover Family Mourners: Peter Holberry, husband; Sarah and Brett Wilkie, daughter and son-in-law; Karen and Christopher Ellis, daughter and son-in-law; Robert and Lisa Holberry, son and daughter-in-law (also rep David Edwards): Kevin and Sharon Holberry, son and daughter-in-law; Jenson Wilkie, grandson; Bethany Ellis, granddaughter; Daniel Ellis and Tayla Avis, grandson and partner; Leo Holberry, grandson; Finley Holberry, grandson; Isla Holberry, granddaughter; Scott Holberry, grandson; Reece Holberry, grandson; Abbie Holberry, granddaughter; Joseph Ellis, great grandson; Graham Todd, brother; Valerie Todd, sister-in-law (also rep Iain Todd, nephew): Jim and Jean O'Connor, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep Sean O'Connor and Toni Coleman, nephew and partner): Julie Todd, niece; Anna O'Connor, niece; Richard Todd, nephew; Paul O'Connor, nephew; David and Julie Todd, nephew and wife; Sue and David Wright, niece and husband; Clare and Paul Leshone, niece and husband; Steven and Joanne O'Connor, nephew and wife; Annette Fallon, niece (also rep Helen Sass, niece, Cassandra Fallon, great niece;, Katie Fallon, great niece; Becky Griggs, great niece; Jake Wade, great nephew; Adam Griggs, great nephew and Jack Sass, great nephew): Ellie O'Connor, great niece; Sam O'Connor, great nephew; Daniella O'Connor, great niece; Courtney O'Connor, great niece; Chloe Leshone and Adam Wright, great niece and partner; Dorothy Prescott, aunt; Pauline and Derek Spry, aunt and uncle; Mel Neave, cousin; Richard Neave, cousin; Steve and Dawn Prescott, cousin; Sheila Bradley, cousin (also rep Peggy Mawer, cousin): Elaine and Graham Manders, cousin (also rep St Andrew's Hospice, Anne Gerrard, cousin and Sue Fitzpatrick, cousin): Mr and Mrs M Robinson, cousin and wife; Glynn Robinson and Helen Lavric-Robinson, cousin and wife; Clive Robinson, cousin (also rep Carole Robinson): Others Attending: Ian and Linda Loadman, Mr and Mrs Peter Sheldrake, Dennis and Dot Leather, Mr and Mrs Stephen Spooner, Mr and Mrs R Roberts, Mr and Mrs W Burtonwood, Norman Holmes and Julie Hind, Howard and Mary Steele, Trevor and Denise Crofts, Mr and Mrs G Grigs, Mr and Mrs J Middlewood, Nev and Liz Clark, John and Sherri Guest, Eric and Margaret Lister (also rep Mark and Sam Wilson): Mr and Mrs J Kelk (also rep Tracey Dace and Paul Kelk); Michael and Maureen Davies (also rep Tony Galloway and Martin and Carol Ward): Messrs: David Clayton, Andy Wilkins, Peter Wollington, Charlie Peterson, David Payne, Daniel Westcott, Michael Page (also rep Rosemary Page): Ian Beaumont (also rep Linda Beaumont): David Shephard (also rep Teresa Shephard): Rex Heath (also rep Betty Heath and Dusty and Hazel Hardisty): Mesdames and Misses: Joan Ellis, Maureen Hewitt, Sylvia Hammond, Norma Burnett, Gina Claybourn, Joan Hall, Sharon Taylor, Vivienne Clark, Madge Lee, Margaret Cook, Rose Bemrose, Annette Daine, Hilary Lavric, Diane Boddy (also rep Graham Boddy); Janice Borst (also rep Samantha Borst): Jean Boddy (also rep Peggy Pattinson): Susan Carter (also rep Allison Doughty): Mandy Douglas (also rep Michael Douglas): Julie Sweeney (also rep Mark Sweeney and family):Elaine Blain (also rep Tim, Charlie and Josh Blain); Arrangements were by Mashfords Independent Funeral Services of Cleethorpes
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: March 16, 2020.
Home town: Grimsby
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