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HUNTER Brian Brian Anthony (Tony) Hunter A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson Family Mourners: Brian Hunter, father; Bridget Roberts, partner; Janice Fay, sister; Michael Hunter, brother; Elaine Hutchinson, sister; Tracy Fisher, sister; Denise Hunter, sister; James Hutchinson, brother-in-law (also rep Bernie Fay);Dean Fisher, brother-in-law; George and Kath Pearce, father-in-law and mother-in-law (also rep Pearce family);Valerie May, aunt; Alec and Linda Widdowson, uncle and aunt; Derek Brown, uncle (also rep Tony Rose);Laura Hutchinson, niece; Kyleigh Fisher, niece; Jordan Fisher, niece; Asa Fisher, nephew; Eleanor Hutchinson and Rory Ronaldson, niece and partner; Karen Smith, cousin; Karen Wilde, cousin; Karl Widdowson, cousin; Lulu Barton, cousin (also rep Gary Warner, cousin);John Widdowson, cousin (also rep Mandy and Kerry);Diane Turnbull, cousin (also rep Stephen Turnbull);Sarah Evison; Sammy Smith; Margaret Bateman; Adrian and Joanne Bateman; Others Attending: Gary and Lynn Hunt, Paul and Pauline Mountford, Stan and Elaine Smith, Kev and Kooie Moore, Spud and Vicky Rowson, Ken and Pat Young, Les and Dawn Baker, Gareth and Wendy Arthur, Lance and Carole Larn, Cliff and Sally Barber, Glenn and Maria Dawes, Chris and Tina Blythe, Martin and Vanessa Aisthorpe, Glenn and Sue Barber, Mark and Debbie Johnson, Alan and Sarah Fytche, Mark and Karen Storr, Les and Ann Phillipson (also rep Mark Cummings):Gary and Julie Mason (also rep Alan Camburn);Darren and Michelle Bloomfield (also rep Ian Ritchie):Pip and Kristine Sellers (also rep Sid and Julie Swallow); Steve and Debbie Soames (also rep Sam Piggott and Ben Bealsby):Tom and Paula Keeley (also rep Members of the Willows Club): Messrs: Paul Rex, Sam Jeffery Billy Wilson, Liam Baldock, Garry Boulter, Ryan Talbot, Ken Hill, Scott McAteer, Charlie Gerrard, Steve Riley, Jeffery Carter, Paul Shelton, Richard Kolberg, Dave Burton, Dennis Towle, Matt Booth, Jacob Booth, Rich Osbourne,Martyn Blow, Stuart East, Paul Oakshott, Jonathan Taylor (Pottsy),Rob Ironmonger, Scott Taylor, Andy Deans, John Cator, James Gorman, Andrew Gemmell, Brian Austin(Satch), John Pettit, Tony Storr, Kevin Crawford, Keith Broadley, Chris Boswell, Mick Ballard, Allan Jackson, David Sankey, Liam Bramhill, Josh Lacey, R S Hunt, Frederick Sawyer, Danny Metcalfe, Phil Tasker, Paul Arnold, Bill Stark, Brian Burton, Gary Yarlott, Steve Smaller, Jimmy Rose, Ralph Senyszyn, Mark Roddis, Mark Thompson, Kelvin Loveday, Martyn Mortlock, Tony Blackmore, Graham Leary, Rod Metcalf, John Rodgers, Paul Parker, Lewis Parker, Steven Osborne, Stacey Hunt, Ray Cullum, James Cross, Steve Hall, Dean Summers, Shaun Hammerton, Paul Nicholson, Karl Payne, Neil Rowbotham, Luke Beecham, Gareth Beecham, Brian Riggall, Matthew Low, Andrew Wright, Steve Blanchard, Paul Blanchard, Chris Stark, Peter Mountford, Andrew Thompson, Steve Potterton, Oliver Booth, Brian Moore, Steve Lambert, Matty Watson, Kevin Butler, Simon North, Bob Blythin, Karl Eggleston, Mark Durrington, Kane Winffarah, Mark Cressy, Dennis Steel, Marc Moncaster, James Kiblie, Pete Penketh, Paul Bailey, Stephen Power (Swish),Doug Thompson, Bob Middleton, Shaun Riley, Sean Glasspool, Scott Barber, Dave Green, Brian Underhill, Jim Blanchard, Eric Bryan, Pete Collins, Barry Symmonds, Andy Willerton ,Steve Wadsworth, Dave (Tivvo) Titheridge, Michael Rouse (also rep Julie Rouse); Mick Smith (also rep Plater family);Karl Young (also rep Ann Young);Dave Freer (also rep Diane Freer);Rob Eggleston (also rep Costain);Scott Betts (also rep Betts family);Tony Cox (also rep Alan Cox):David Roe (also rep Barry Cox):Lee Parrott (also rep Danny Leak):Brian Freer (also rep James Freer);Martin Hargreaves (also rep Hargreaves family);Darren Lawton (also rep Paul Hewson);Steve Cole (also rep Brad Oglesby):John Mclaughlin (also rep Costain):Michael Bain (also rep Tony Hines);Kev Surfleet (also rep Marie Surfleet);Jason Hewson (also rep Ian Hewson):Shaun Osborne (also rep Karen Shirley):Terry Raynham (also rep Tup and Terry):Steve Dickson (also rep Ashley Dickson):Karl Fishwick, Manager (also rep Costain);Shaun Walton (Boots) (also rep Mary Walton);Charlie Fox (also rep Don and Beater Plater):Mark Thompson (also rep Carole Thompson);Paul Wright (also rep Alan Wright and Andy Rouse):Steve Austin (also rep The National Reserve Club):Steve McLaughlin (also rep the McLaughlin family):Paul Woodhouse (also remembering the late Bobby Woodhouse):Steven Beecham (also rep Daniel and Emily Beecham):Bob Read (also rep Paul Read, Mike Read and Mark Read);Kevin Young (also rep Alan, Karl, Ann and Helen Young):Daniel Power (also rep David Power and Des and Sue Ward);Doug Wright (also rep Denise Wright and Simon Wright);Ian Sutherland (also rep Committee of The National Reserve Club);Frank Thompson (also rep Sue Thompson, Geoff and Drew Thompson); Mesdames and Misses: Lynn Hewitt, Tina Crichton, Lesley Barwood Emma Osborne, Tanya Hobson, Korrie Call, Corrin Ellix, Lynsey Walton, Tracy Holmes, Jo Piggott, Karen Hughes, Dawn White, Donna White (nee Hughes),Carol Wright, Kim Fisher, Ria McKeon, Susan Roscoe, Debbie Call, Nicky Metcalfe, Michelle Wright, Tina Standland, Donna Williams, Carol Chalk, Dawn Holdsworth, Nicky Triffitt, Paula Blackett, Carol Anne Boland, Sue Broughton, Lucy Wilson, Jodie Goodwin, Janet White, Rachel Jones, Janet Barber, Mary Pratt, Sarah Barber, Denise Baker (also rep Tom Baker); Colleen Rispin (also rep Rispin family); Julie Clixby (also rep David Clixby): Denise Ellix (also rep Geoffrey Ellix): Debby Hall (also rep John Shirley); Julie Rowson (also rep Ben Herret); Kim Wright (also rep Sarah Lawson); Natalie North (also rep Tivoli Tavern); Helen Grant (also rep Les and Mag Grant); Nicky Stevens (also rep Garry Webster): Sophie Barber (also rep Glynis Barber); Mandy Barber (also rep Glennis Barber): Hayley Board (also rep Debbie Nicholson): April Fitzgerald (also rep Mark Fitzgerald): Sonja Braithwaite (also rep Karl Braithwaite); Louise Arthur (also rep Stuart and June Roberts): Ida Elliott (also rep Elliott family and Babs); Angela Stoneman (also rep Paul Stoneman); Susan Aisthorpe (also rep Martin Aisthorpe); Kalais Osborne (also rep Kristian and Jayne Osborne); Heather Downey (also rep Michael Downey and family): Jayne Sullivan (also rep Roly Sullivan and Andy Rivett):Glynis and Lindsay Jagger (also rep Adam and Luke Jagger); Angie Hudson (also rep Brian Hudson and Christine Mortlock); Jo Shelton (also rep Alan and Janet Trowbridge and Darren Poulter): Jane Sylvester (also rep James Coles and Debbie Duncan (nee Stiffell); Tamsin Hunter and Belinda Montgomery (also rep Codexo and Paul Finch); Dawn Woodhouse (also rep Nicky and Lisa and remembering Bobby Woodhouse): Kim Bateman (also rep Andrew Bateman, James Bateman and Geoff Bateman): Arrangements were by J W Emberson
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: February 28, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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