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Margaret JEBB

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JEBB Margaret The funeral service of the late Margaret Jebb aged 87 years was conducted by Anthony Spitteler in the Grimsby Crematorium on Tuesday 29th October 2019. Family and friends attending the service: Mark and Joy Hornby son and daughter in law; John and Jackie Hornby son and daughter in law; Elaine and Steve Hunter step daughter and son in law; Tom and Annelise Hornby grandson and wife (also representing Lola Hornby great granddaughter); Jack Hornby and Elizabeth Kennedy grandson and partner; Greg Hornby grandson; Lindsay Shutes granddaughter (also representing Andy Shutes, Livia and Kian Shutes great granddaughter and great grandson); Laura Hornby and Steve Taylor granddaughter and partner (also representing Maisy and Teddy great grandchildren); Abbey Hornby and Tom Simpson granddaughter and partner; Rebecca Hunter and Cain Ali granddaughter and partner (also representing Kacie and Kian great grandchildren); Romain Ali great grandson; Tom Parker brother; Alice Watkins sister; Joan Laking sister; Roy Hornby brother-in-law (also representing Jennifer Hornby); Derek and Elizabeth Wilson brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Brenda Hornby sister-in-law; Sylvia Barker sister-in-law; Ian Hornby nephew; David Laking nephew; Karen Groves niece; Alison Dingwall niece (also representing Rachel Booth); Deborah Parker niece; Margaret Laking (also representing Sandra Nichols niece); Jasmin Parker great niece; Peter and Karen Sparkes; Sharon Holberry; Anna and Roly Gibson; Linda and Dudley Rack; Mick and Val Carr; Margaret Clayton (also representing Graham Clayton); Maureen Stennett (also representing Heidi and Robert); Ann Appleton (also representing the Niles family); Paul Keeble; Amanda Tarbatt (also representing Nick Tarbatt and family and Robert and Helen Stewart and family); Steven and Pamela North; Susan Keeble (also representing Holly and Carl Gresswell and Guy and Clover Keeble); Angela Boyd (also representing Iain Boyd and the Boyd family); Mike Pirie; Doreen Cribb; Isabelle Danby; Margaret Cook; Colin and Denise Halliday; Jackie Tutty; Pam Hunter; Joan Baker; Ballan Baker; Heather Maw (also representing John Maw); Audrey Ravenscroft; Karen and Rachel Revell; Yvonne Rowbotham (also representing, Daniel Oliver, Natalie Merton and Jose Watts); Kevin Eyles (also representing Jason Eyles and Jean and Peter Eyles); Mrs Frary; Doreen Parkinson; Amanda and Kevin Parker; Shona Smith; Sophie Hall; Ian Parker. Representatives of Clover Dale Care Home:- Stacey Chester - Manager; Nadine Machon, Emma Smith. Funeral arrangements were by Near & Near Undertakers The Mews, David Street, Grimsby and 373 Pelham Road, Immingham
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: November 29, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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