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KELLY ANN (70) A service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler. Family mourners attending: Christopher and Lisa Kelly, son and daughter in law (also rep Claudia and Alexander Kelly, grandchildren); Matthew Kelly and Katherine, son and daughter in law (also rep James Aitken, Amber and Thomas Kelly, grandchildren); Anita Kelly, sister in law (also rep Laura and Graham Baily, niece and nephew in law); Roy and Margaret Unsworth, brother and sister in law; Kristian Unsworth, nephew; Peter and Anne Unsworth, brother and sister in law; Rita Herbert, sister. Other mourners attending: Janice Borst (also rep Lesley Bailey); Val Hanson (also rep Andrew Hanson); Jo Walker (also rep colleagues and friends from St Andrew's Hospice); Pam Broughton; Denise Skipworth; Gillian Lovelle; Judy Lovesey (also rep Les); Ruby Munnings; Steve Wilkins; Barbara Booth; Barbara Scaife; Cheryl Duggan; Lynne Martin; Ruth Atkin (also rep Sue Breed, and Chris Calthorpe, ex work colleagues); Janet Wilson (ex work colleague); Sandra Hatt (also rep Maureen Surfleet, ex work colleague); Rose Newens (ex work colleague); Victoria and Robert Coxon (also rep David Coxon); Linda Callanan (also rep Keith); Geraldine Godwin; Joel Godwin; Carole Moore; Anne Burton; Rose Brewster; Julie Cormack; Sue Froggatt; Ron Fletcher; Sue and Dennis Thomas; Rachel Wolstencroft (also rep Susan Breed); Rita and John Sparks; Mike and Diane Willerton; Pete Wilson; Pam Allison; Hilary Booth (also rep Janice Davie); Frances Rimmington (also rep Dianne Roberts); Margaret Short; Lella and Mally Rainer; Mark Johnson; Richard Johnson; Sheila Johnson (also rep Michael Johnson, and Elizabeth and Andrew Johnson); Kim Jerome; Dawn Mercer; Margaret Clifford; Alison Putland; Jean Staines; Lorraine Jeffery; Charlotte Clark; Dawn Robins; Liz Topping; Kathy Bettany; Sam Bradley; Gill Read; Tony and Carolyn Lawrance (also rep Jenny Langley); Sandra Henderson; Lana Kenchington; Chris Bratley; Jenny and Derrick Haughton; Jane Dean (also rep the Cutting Club); Carole Nesbitt; Colin and Ann Cooper; Carol Durham; Sue Aslett (also rep Rob, Paul, Claire and families); Tom Ryan (also rep St Andrew's Hospice); Gill and Paul Welbourne (also rep the Wanderlust Rambling Club); Gary Alcock; Peter Bateman (Chairman Wanderlust Rambling Club). Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeralcare, Grimsby.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: November 08, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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