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MAGILL Hugh Hal Hugh Alfred Magill (Hal): A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Fiona Glover Family Mourners Attending: Dawn Magill, wife; Richard Magill, son; Rachael Magill, daughter-in-law; Mike Magill, son; Emma Magill, daughter-in-law; Louise McIntyre, daughter; Simon Kirk, son-in-law; Holly Magill, granddaughter; Aiden Magill, grandson; Melissa Magill, granddaughter; Ann and Frank Lockwood, sister and brother-in-law; Bryn Thomas, brother-in-law; Margo Thomas, sister-in-law (also rep Sian Thomas, niece): Rita Magill, sister-in-law (also rep Rachael, Giselle and Ady): S Davis, nephew; Katy Tearle, niece; Amanda Dent, niece; Paul Thomas, nephew; Jane and Deborah Simmons, niece and wife; John and Anita Simmons, nephew and wife; Julie Turrell and Rob Wright, niece and partner; Sean and Judith Magill, nephew and wife (also rep Sam and Rebecca): Michael Turrell, great nephew; Laura Turrell, great niece (also rep Wayne Turrell); Bertha Gilliatt, auntie; Christine Crofts, cousin; Linda Mummery, cousin; Jim Mawer; Others Attending: Patrick, Karen and Matthew Beasley, Colin and Kay Birkwood, Geoff and June Newton, Andy and Sue Smith, Patrick and Maria Wilkinson, John and Sue Burdon, Peter and Barbara Robinson, John and Debbie Carpenter, Jim and Jenny Fleming, Scott and Emma Jackson, Gwyn and Olive Jones, Jon and Ashley Harris, Tony Kitchen and Charlotte Norton, Mr and Mrs Mark Day, Mr and Mrs M Westcott, Tony and Deborah Steel, Garry and Sally Colebrook, Chris and Julie North, Derek and Sandra Marshall, Mr and Mrs D Winson, Paul and Gill Welbourn, Stuart and Kelly Margarson, David Scott and Maureen Hallberg, Keith and Sue Osborne, Duncan and May Mactavish, Howard and Valerie Hinchliff, Stewart and Joan Ellis, Malcolm and Sharron Hutchinson, John and Pat Brocklesby (also rep Emma Brocklesby): Tony and Mary Masterson (also rep Catherine Smith): Pete and Karren Johnson (also rep Anthony and Kim Hall); Stewart and Helen McIntyre (also rep Joyce Masdin and Ann Russell); Paul and Chris Gabbitas (also rep Steve Gabbitas and Tahya Slaven); Messrs: Peter Spong, Klemens Zarzyna, Simon Elliott, Paul Davies, Paul Davies Jnr, Steve Cullum, Matt Rogers-Thomas, Anthony Vaughan, Tony Marshall, David Scott, Stewart McIntyre, John Sparling, Glyn Edwards, Daniel Edwards, Mike Mason, Dave King, Lee Coster, Glenn Marshall, Stan Thomas, Brian Evison, Ian Twemlow, Doug Geddes, James Oakes, Wayne McIntyre, Andriejus Lasys, Steve Brewer (also rep Sue Brewer); Steve Walker (also rep Denise Wigfield): Paul Skinn (also rep Toni Skinn (nee Steel); Tony Chamberlain (also rep Jacky Chamberlain); David Maggs (also rep Brendan and Wendy Croft): George Walton (also rep Arthur and Vonnie Kent): Nick Charles and Daz Hardy (also rep Royal Naval Association): Mesdames and Misses: Hazel and Abigail Burks-Lloyd, Joy Moate, Deborah Pigg, Charlotte Gabbitas, Angela Zarzyna, Joanna Boughey, Donna Sandford, Gemma Avison, Debbie Avison, Kim Lamb, Fiona Magill, Christine Lumsden, Diane Robinson, Sarah Bennett, Alicia Kirwin, Stacey Syer, Kelly McDougall, Valerie Campbell, Linda Crookes, Moira Mactavish, Valerie Cutler, Pop Jones, Kim Wingate, Clare Stevens, Carol Osborne, Kim Smith, Tina Elliott, Rachael Gittens, Shauna Henry, Janice Todd (also rep Robert Todd): Janet Oliver (also rep Geoff Clode): Ann Mawer (also rep Jimmy Mawer); Lynne Higgins (also rep Mick Higgins): Rebecca Stanley (also rep Pete Stanley); Ann Maggs MBE (also rep Janice Orrick); Victoria Marshall (also rep Linda Marshall); Nichola Cowling (also rep Nigel Hawkins): Rachel Berryman (also rep Mike Berryman): Tina Ironmonger (also rep Pete and Sammy): Maureen Greensmith (also rep Sandra Walker): Jean Robinson (also rep Arthur and Von Kent); Jane white (also rep Sarah White and James White): Chris Wood (also rep the Wood family and Terry and Wendy McIntyre); Arrangements were by Mashfords Independent Funeral Services of Cleethorpes
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: February 21, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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