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Funeral Service of Ian MARRIS

Grimsby, Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.

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IanMARRISIan Marris (57): A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by the Rev David Jones Family Mourners: Sharon Marris, wife; Hannah Cornford, daughter; Jessica Marris, daughter; Tom Crookes, son-in-law; Brad Cornford, son-in-law; Brenda Donald, mother-in-law; Trevor Donald, father-in-law;Lynn Marris and Carolyn Watson, brother and partner; Elaine Donald and Mark Henson, sister-in-law and partner; Rachel Marris, niece; Philip Marris, nephew; Stephen and Edna Cousins, uncle and aunt; Val and Dave Bontoft, aunt and uncle (also rep Andrew Bontoft, cousin); Trevor Harrison, cousin (also rep Glynis Harrison): Adrian Cousins, cousin; Barry and Alison Heyne, cousin; David and Denise Harrison, cousin; Catherine Espin, cousin (also rep Peter Espin): Others Attending: John and Diane Leary, David and Lucy Fox, Steve and Di Briggs, Ken and Ann Adkins, Steve and Pam Goeminne, George and Hilary Brown, Raymond and Christine Lewis, Erik and Margaret Nielsen, David and Ann-Marie Jones, Thomas and Stephanie Cornford, Philip and Lynn Leeman, Adrian and Caroline Blackmore, Mr and Mrs D Burnett, Olav and Diane Turner, Steve and Mary Oaten, Philip and Kj Lynn, Kevin and Pam Withers, David and Diane Capes, Mr and Mrs R Davies, Richard and Beverley Nelson, Shane and Deborah Linford, Mr and Mrs M Salter, Stuart and Kate Maxwell, Hank and Pam Rawlin, Barry and Christine Wallis, Paul and Glynis Cornford, Andy and Sue Wooffindin, John and Sheila Flynn, Mark and Joy Wooffindin, Andy and Lynda Lamyman, David and Anne Waddelow, Mark and Karen Dinnes, Harold and Anne Parry, Michael and June Scarrott, Dave and Elaine Robertson, Danny and Mandy Leak (also rep the Leak family): Steve and Elaine Hunter (also rep John and Jackie Hornby); Don and Jackie Fortune (also rep Alison and Jonathan Cadd); Darren and Clare Turner (also rep Wayne and Michelle Evans): Andy and Irene Grainger (also rep Joel and Benjamin Grainger): Dave and Maxine Dobson (also rep Claire Scott and Cally Dobson): Steve and Tanya Bennett (also rep Nigel Ellis and Ron and Carole Lake): Richard and Kirsten Lewis (also rep Mark and Lyndsay Hewitt and Phil and Michelle Grigg): Messrs: David Cubbin, Stuart Barnard, Aaron Flannagan, Lawrence Hardy, Ethan Turner, Gary Morgan, Paul Carter, Haydn Davies, Martyn Graves, Taron Hare, Robert Bradley, Tony Richards, Simon Topliss, Ben Simpson, Karl Perry, David Chafer, Tony McLernon, Ryan Washington, Mick Lochran, Gary Sharman, Scott Wilson, Danny Fenwick, Mark Muxlow, Kevin White, Matt Smith, Stewart Guy, Chris Longbone, Graham Scott, Mark Hornsby, Mark Carton, Tony Moore, John Regan (also rep Amanda Regan): Mesdames and Misses: Holly Turner, Clare Tarrant, Sipho Bhebhe, Christina Lloyd, Lisa Catto, Sandra Parker, Cllr Gaynor Rogers, Louise Bartlett, Rebecca Bullas, Tracey Fletcher, Ellie Reed, Carol Dillon, Cheryl Ede, Fran Middleton, Rachel Gallant, Pat Cook, Hilary Dimberline, Miriam Quiles, Verity Rushmer, Holly Cornford, Rose Beedie, Annette Ellis, Jackie Houson, Maureen Dodds, Deborah Small, Sue Carrington, Alex Jones (also rep Pete Jones): Kay Markham (also rep Paul Markham); Teresa Janney (also rep Michael Janney): Andrea Spitteler (also rep Anthony Spitteler): Naomi Turrell (also rep St Andrew's Hospice): Anne Hewitt (also rep Phil and Michelle Grigg): Jordon Hewitt (also rep Mark, Lyndsay, Terri and Nathan); Cat Cameron and Lucy Brumby (also rep Macmillan Nurses): Arrangements were by Alexanders Funeral Care
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