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McKINNON Ian Ian McKinnon (70): A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by the Rev David Walker Family Mourners: Liz McKinnon, wife; Hannah Cooper, daughter; Daniel Cooper, son-in-law; Lauretta McKinnon, sister; Gordon and Sue McKinnon, brother and sister-in-law; Dave Elshaw, brother-in-law; Barbara Brown, sister-in-law; Susan Hughes and Chris Haynes, sister-in-law and partner; Katie Rayner, niece; Chris Rayner, nephew; Fiona McKinnon, niece; Chris and Kate Elshaw, nephew and wife; Louise and Sean Hewitt, niece and husband; Lucy and James Sweeny, niece and husband; John and Sharon Hughes, nephew and wife; Simon and Kathrine Hughes, nephew and wife; Linda Brown, cousin; Susan Todd, cousin; Mark Todd, cousin; Larry Mullholland, cousin; Liz Mullholland, cousin; Daniel Mullholland, cousin; Barbara Mullholland, cousin; Lewis Mullholland, cousin; Ann Haughey, cousin; Billy Haughey, cousin; Emma Haughey, cousin; Susan Haughey, cousin; Jim Mullholland, cousin; Jill Mullholland, cousin; Alan and Sandra Graves, cousin; Ben and Tarnia Roberts, cousin; John and Hazel Wheatley, cousin; Steve and Sharon Roberts, cousin; Guy, Rachel, Charlie and Amber Dennis, cousin; Hazel Jennings, cousin (also rep Tina Loveday, Kelvin Jennings and Maria Ortton); Simon Kibblewhite; Others Attending: Lindsay and Linda Roberts, Vicky, Jon El, Brandon, Freya and Junior Dobbins, Paula, Phelix, Phelix and Lily Jeffard-Roberts, Dereck and Helen Law, Alan and Andrea Smaggasgale, Dave and Kim Robinson, Phillip Barrett and Debbie Leaning, Dave and Jodie Locking, Hugh and Sue Spiller, Carl and Karen Thomas, Cliff and Pat Bore, Anthony and Amanda Mitchell, David and Julie Harrison (Nee Cartwright), Robert Cadle and Pamela Ritchie, Adam and Kay Phillips, Alan and Eileen Hewitt, Jeremy and Faith Dunning-Davies, Mr and Mrs Derek Eaton, Mr and Mrs R Hurt, Syd and Julie Willey, Russel, Georgia and Olivia Leaning, Drew and Emma Neil, Nathan Jackson and Samantha Martin, Tony and Beth Broadbent, Phil and Lorna Davey, Simon and Becky Raithby, Richard and Angie Dalton, Mr and Mrs P Arnett, John and Joanna Maddock, Keith and Barbara Jones, Lou and Wendy Shorthose, Steve and Rachel Pexman, Stephen and Lisa Huntley, Darryl Pidd and Elaine Kitson, Dave and Natalie Mason, David and Joanne Graham, Robin Steele and Sheila Lester, Andrew and Claire Humble, Malcolm and Carol Dinsdale, Oliver and Natalie Wood, Bernie and Denise Thomas, George and Janet Thurgar, Mr and Mrs E Mosey, Dean and Helen Batchelor, Dave and Lyndsay Broadbent, Mr and Mrs P Mitchell, Mark and Val Howarth, Alex and Rachel Ware, Paul and Natalie Gorry, Bill and Jan Avery (also rep James Avery): Pat and Bridget Bell (also rep Shaun Bell): Duane and Tina Darwell (also rep T Warne): Duncan and Chris Auty (also rep Sally Bradshaw):Steve and Jenny Niblock (also rep Fliss and Poppy): Danny and Claire Thraves (also rep Locate Supplies); Tony and Jill Parrott (also rep Ian and Susan Gilmour): Rob and Pat Bennett (also rep Vicky Carter and family): Stephen and Margaret Raithby (also rep Richard and The Ironmans); Ian and Natasha Diamond, Alfie and Wil (also rep Andrew and Beki Trott): Bryan and Eileen Blanchard (also rep Adam and Neil Blanchard and families): Pete and Coleen Dinsdale (also rep Pat and Denise Lawless and Donna Dobbs): James and Joan Gorry (also rep Betty Hillstead, Ian McLeod and Dorothy Padgett);Kevin, Leesa and Sam were unable to attend but wished to be represented Messrs: Paddy, Kevin Scott, Andy Moran, Barry Rainer, Andrew Shaw, Dave Arnold, Neil Moore, John Whitfield, Rob Armstrong, Dave Warrender, Fred Watson, Russ Carrick, Alan Rodgers, Andy Morris, James Janney, Bill Ambridge (ex Western Youth Club), Alex Robertson, Graham Ironman, Steve Wilson, John Davison (Dablo), Aston Oliver-Scot, Matthew Cruddas, Nigel Scott, David Wright, Len Davidson, Ronnie Grayson, Roy Saxby, Paul May, Charlie Murray, Steve Reveley, Allan Nilsen, Malcolm Rainer, Paul Bradbury, Lyndon Bone, Peter Linley, Steve Palmer, Ernest Armstrong, John Stevenson, Rod Atkinson, Mike Twidale, Aaron Wilkinson, Trevor Hudson, Bill Callender, Mark Burgess, Geoff Bartholomew BEM, Ivan Stead, Melvyn Peterson, Patrick Lince, David Hand, Jimmy Charlton, Mike Gibson, David Walton, Gary Mallinson, Mike Stevenson, Derek Maidens, Kieran Woodall, Jim Connor, AJ Pearman, Alan Sutcliffe, Carl Reeve, John Scrimshaw, Dave Winslow, Chris Capindale, Chris Hart, Dale Mackie, Stuart Blackbourn, Rob Draper, Terry Cumbers, Paul Nixon, Mike Aldred, Ernie Braithwaite, Mike Barrett (also repJulie Barrett): Nick Drewery (also rep Sarah Allan); Rob Hufton (also rep Emma Hufton): Allan Young (also rep Pauline Bilbe): Kev Loveday (also rep Trevor Ward): Richard Green (also rep Andy Busby); David Palmer (also rep Naomi Palmer): Paul Davies (also rep Margaret Davies); Jim Jarman (also rep Mel and Sue Moore); David Wilson (also rep Desmond Holmes): Ian Livingston (also rep Teresa Livingston): Matthew Bennett (also rep Rebecca Bennett): Jock Renyard (also rep Rhona and Lyn Botham): David Brookes (also rep Roly and Liz Thompson): Andrew Palmer (also rep June Palmer and Phil Palmer): Liam Doran (also rep Ken Thompson and Peter Bailey): Zackery Pexman-Saville (also rep Christian Pexman-Saville): Dean Oglesby (also rep Melanie Oglesby and Steve Courtney): Tony Leggett (also rep Mandy Leggett and Andy and Jackie Cook): David Howden (also rep Michelle and family and Stuart and family): Dean Martin (also rep Keith Martin, Pauline Martin, Trevor and Dawn Fisher):Peter Cribb (General Sec, GAMWFC) (also rep Rolly Thompson, Stuart Parkinson, David Nilsen, Rob Andrew, Mike Atkinson, John Slesser, Gary Kershaw, Ian Porter, Steve Courtney, Bernard Mooney, Ken Thompson, Andy Busby, Peter Bailey, Terry Watson, Derek Hallett, and Lincs Inspire Staff at Bradley Football Development Centre): Mesdames and Misses: Elise Scott, Tina Moran, Jackie Perry, Annette Peart, Yolande Fresco, Shelley Drew, Kelly Quinn, Sheila Fresco, Robyn Pritchard, Hazel Chase, Shannie Moore, Jane Grant, Nicola Kirkham, Judith Bohan, Louise Kirwin, Veronica Marshall, Emma Coulson, Danielle Woolley, Zoe Adams, Ann McClean, Laura Brown, Jennie Peterson, Christine Rhodes, Fran Rhone, Pam Sutton, Debbie Courtley, Anna-Jo Smithson, Katy Grice, Colleen Grice, Linda Scott, Alice Chapman, Hayley Drewery, Natalie Parr, Susan Gaiger (also rep Eric Bryan): Natalie Wood (also rep Pete Wood): Sherrie Rose (also rep Claire Bilham); Margaret Dobbs (also rep Ray Dobbs): Billie Metcalf (also rep Andy Metcalf): Nanette Brown (also rep Fred Brown): Annette Morris (also rep John Morris): Carol Ranyard (also rep Paul Ranyard): Louise Collins (also rep Glenn Collins): Joy Boothby (also rep Diane Casajuana): Kelly Hancock (also rep Paul Hancock): Sherry Mitchell (also rep Scott Mitchell): Liz Cruddas (also rep Malcolm Cruddas): Hayley Martin (also rep Michael Martin): Christine North (also rep Michael North): Beverley Downes (also rep Margaret Byatt): Rose Ford (also rep Steve and Katie Waters):Deborah Champion (also rep Lauren Winn): Jacki Scotter (also rep Lisle Marsden School); Julie Leam (also rep John and Joseph Leam): Noreen Bradley (also rep the Granger family): Samantha Harris (also rep Benjamin Bywater): Miriam North (also rep Stephen and Jennie North): Noelene Hebblethwaite (also rep Ron Hebblethwaite): Leanda Ashley (also rep Jon Ashley and Wally Kirwin): Irene Harris (also rep Barry Harris and Jon and Yvonne Danielewski); Hayley and Libbi-Jo Dimbleby (also rep Scott Dimbleby and Evan-Terry Dimbleby): Arrangements were by Mashfords Independent Funeral Services of Cleethorpes
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: September 13, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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