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George Roy MCLEAN

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McLEAN George Roy George Roy McLean (81): A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Tony Jewitt Family Mourners: Myra McLean, wife; Scott and Rachel McLean, son and daughter-in-law; Darren and Tracy McLean, son and daughter-in-law (also rep Ethan and Alexander McLean, grandsons); Stephanie McLean, granddaughter and Steve Winter; Fraser Mclean, grandson; Joseph McLean, grandson; John McLean, brother; James McLean, brother; Donald McLean, brother; Agnes and Jim Robertson, sister and brother-in-law; Alex Neilson, brother-in-law; Frederick Bendall, brother-in-law; Robert and Margaret Rockhill, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Isobel Neilson, sister-in-law (also rep Hayley Mogg, niece); Danny and Jackie Neilson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep Daniel and Donna Neilson, nephew and wife): Duncan and Lorraine Neilson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep Nick and Sarah Neilson, nephew and niece); John and Margaret Neilson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also rep Emma-Jo and Stephen); Sadie and Malcolm Giles, sister-in-law and brother-in-law (also rep Andy and Chris, nephews); Claire Green, niece; Louise Bendall, niece; Katie Spowage, niece; Damon Mogg, nephew; Lyle Robertson, nephew; Antony Rockhill, nephew; James Robertson, nephew; Victoria and Trevor Blythin, niece and husband; Robert and Georgia Rockhill, nephew and wife; Philip Neilson-Holding, nephew (also rep Lauren Neilson-Holding) Rachel and Philip Barrett, niece and husband (also rep Richard Hyde, Cleethorpes Rugby Club): Richard Bendall, nephew (also rep Michelle Bendall, Abigail, great niece and Charlotte, great niece); Others Attending: Brian and Mary Clifton, Dave and Teresa Boylen, Bobby and Pam Ross, John and Joyce Abraham, Roly and Brenda Bryant, Ian and Marion Richardson, Mr and Mrs W Clark, Mr and Mrs T Daley, Harry and Madeleine Wainman, Alex and Heather Campbell, Rick and Nikki Wales, Ben and Hilary Williams, Michael Dolby and Joanna Mckeown, Pat and Jacquie Roche, Stephen and Rachel Hanley, Stan and Mo Brittain, Keith Jobling and Val Gardner, Stuart and Janet Gray, Richard and Chris Ward, John and Doreen Gale, Tony and Margaret Jones, William and Anne Hetherington, Mr and Mrs A Allenby, Phil and Jenny Stratford, Pete and Eileen Jolly (also rep Warren Jolly): Mr and Mrs Tim Cattell (also rep Bill Andrews): Paul and Rachel Murphy (also rep James Goodwin): Glynn and Margaret Bendon (also rep Steve Hollowday); David and Pauline Lee (also rep Nigel and Beverley Lee): Mike and Carol Green (also rep Richard and Philip Green); Mr and Mrs Robert Reynolds (also rep the Reynolds family): Michael and Sabine Holmes (also rep Kevin and Marion Smyth): Matt and May Tees (also rep Owen Simpson and Jimmy Bloomer); Barrie and Lynn Allenby (also rep Dale, Adrian and Nick Allenby): Mel and Sheila Walsh (also rep Judy Garton, Linda Ramsey and Norma Hall): Racheal Smith, Frances Smith, Danielle Barnstable, Nicky Fitzgerald, Ben Evison and Lizzie Stephenson (also rep Alderlea Care Home); Messrs: Tony Parkinson, Mark Beckett, Steve Mumby, Jonathan Stevenson, Rod Fletcher, Brian Hill, John Beard, Robert Beard, Mark Waumsley, David Sparnon, Andrew Cross, Mark Godfrey, Steve Thompson, Keith Northern, Andy Buckingham, John Waddingham, Stuart Gammon, Alan McCartney, Darren Shelton, Dean Baker, Kevin Hall, Owen Sparnon, Paul Tidswell, Terence Pettinger, J Braithwaite, John Howes, James Siddle, Carlos Madeira, Tim Mudd, Darren Marshall, Ian Reynolds, Neil Tague, Owen Harden, Pat King, Mike Duffy, Martyn Hales, Les Barratt, Dean Mawer, John Nicholson, Len Rodgers, Kirron Chapman, Gordon Holden, Chris Stuart, Paul Sylvester, Paul Cale, Danny Meenaghan, Sean Rowston, Mick Ansett (also rep Peter Ansett): Trevor Wilson (also rep Janet Wilson): Nick Allenby (also rep Emma Allenby): Steve Hoyle (also rep Simon Millward): Gary Grantham (also rep Louise Grantham); Jamie Freer (also rep Paul and Sharon Freer): Colin Shreeve (also rep The Mariner's Trust): Andy Hamilton (also rep the Hamilton family): Alan Yarborough (also rep Tracy Yarborough): Michael Lambert (also rep the Lambert family); Mike Lingard (also remembering the late Rosalie Lingard): Philip Day, Director (also rep Grimsby Town FC); Tony Trigg (also rep Andy Allard and Kevin Soper): Denis Cook (also rep Geoff Plaskitt and Alex Hamilton): Dave Parker (also rep Sam Parker and Andrew Fountain); Michael Watkins (also rep Geoff Fulcher and Julie Kielty): Lee Machon (also rep Bev Machon and Dean and Mandy Daley): Roger Lockwood (also rep Sandra Lockwood and Ian Lockwood): Bob Read (also rep Shirley Read and Lee Fielden, Barnetby Football Club); Mesdames and Misses: Audrey Watt, Marilyn Smith, Brenda Cammack, Pam Marr, Jean Wright, Judy Nichols, Marlene Rae, Annie Booth, Pat Williams, Helen Souter, Gail Marshall, Pamela Watson,Lauren McCourt, Jenny Knight (also rep Steve Knight): Lynne Riggall (also rep Paul Riggall); Carla Clyburn (also rep the Clyburn family); Rita and Sally Meech (also rep Wendy Meech): Margaret Walker (also rep Mark and Paul Walker); Margaret Barratt (also rep Lorraine Laird and Thelma Cockerill and family): Arrangements were by Alexanders Funeral Care
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: August 07, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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