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Stuart Thomas MCNALLY

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MCNALLY Stuart Thomas Stuart Thomas McNally (60): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Laura Thompson. Family mourners attending: Rachel McNally, daughter; Mike and Teresa McNally, brother and sister-in-law; Sam McNally, nephew; Fran McNally, niece; Cathy and Don Gatiss,sister and brother-in-law; Pat and Viv McNally, uncle and wife; Michael and Linda McNally, uncle and wife; Mary Simpson, aunt (also rep. David McNally); Sarah Barnaby, niece; Other mourners attending: Lee and Sally Collins; Martin and Wendy Quickfall; Stuart Harris (also rep. Eileen Curtis); Jamie Bemrose; Paul Smith; Sean Haughey; Linda Carroll; Allan Rogers; John Brocklesby; Paul Stent; David Markham-Bland; Wayne Spink (also rep. Mel Clarke); Brian Todd; Michael and Sally Swales (also rep. Paul Hanson and Gary and Anne Johnson); Hugh Docherty; Linda Harrison; Kev Waddingham (also rep. Dave Trigg); Dec Clark (also rep. Patricia); Gary Summers (also rep. Lynn); Ian Webb; Trev and Linda Thomas (also rep. Mark Thomas); Mark and Kim Taylor (also rep. Zoe and Aid Milburn); Jeff and Dot Ball; Bill and Chris Fox; Ian Robinson; Lorraine Pook; Darryl and Jo White; Mo Kitchen; Shell Kitchen; Russ and Elaine Carrick; Michael Nelson; Jane Nelson; Matthew Nelson; Lisa Haxby (also rep. Mark); Bob and Millie Hoggett; Barry Brewster; Howard Broomhead; Michael O'Flinn; Keith Webster; Kenny Parker; Sean Moulds (also rep. Ann Moulds and Leslie and Gary Krebs); Michael Oaks, Danny Gibbs and Andy Dixon (all work colleagues); Joanne Broomhead; Judy Towill; Karen Coates (also rep. Pete Coates); Jody Coates; Sam Coates (also rep. Beverley Swallow); Annette Tilmouth; Michael and Wendy Yardley; Sue Harvey and Vince McAfee; Paul Linford and Wayne Clarke (work colleagues); Mandy Cuthbert; John and Sharon Lee; Graham and Nina Breeze; Arlene Lowe; Pete Leaning; David Collins (also rep. Lisa, Daniel and Lewis); Paul Wilkins; Stefan Towczko; Rod Booth; Mary Woods; Julie Woods; Andrew Robinson; Brian and Kathy Wheatley; Gavin Boden; Les Bullen (also rep. Alex Pook); Rachel Caston; Barrie Darsley, Mark Brighton and Darren Gamwell (work colleagues, also rep. Sea-Cargo). Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Funeral Home,
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: December 30, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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