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MURRAY Hilary Hilary Jean Murray (70): A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Antony Spitteler Family Mourners: Rachel Wright, daughter; Michael Murray, son; Ellie Wright, granddaughter; Amelia Wright, granddaughter; Stephen Wright, son-in-law; Maria Wickes, daughter-in-law; Derek Pell, brother; Linda Newbery, sister-in-law;Stephen Pell and Jasmine Johal, nephew and partner (also rep Jill and Winston Cumberlidge); Others Attending: John and Sue Hastie, Dennis and Julie Rawlings, John and Betty Barrett, Mick and Mary Hall, Paul and Elaine Barker, Phil and Pam Welby, Mel and Gill Woodward, John Cadey and Jo Kirman, Ray and Janet Tucker, Andrew Dent and Lisa Cheffings, Wally and Sheila Walsh, Paul Nash and Chris Judge, John and June Waddingham, Peter and Gwen Farmery, Richard and Kathleen Wilson, Craig and Annie Stevens, Stephen and Brenda Smith, Patrick and Susan McCann, Paul and Lisa Asher, Stuart and Chris Sherburn, Paul and Lorraine Davies, Steve Baldock and Josie Revell, David and Margaret Quantrill (also rep Pat Hunter and Linda Tasker): Alec and Barbara Ainsworth (also rep Sarah Hunt and Andrea Felstead): Paul and Judith Gorman (also rep Trudy Owen, Gill Kapka and Julia Sales): Mike and Pam Kirman (also rep Mike and Jill Harrington and John and Margaret Stevenson): Michael and Margaret Moreton (also rep Joan Ellis and Barry and Julia Andrews): Messrs: Nigel Coupland, David King, Thomas Broddle, Malcolm Waite, Colin Lowe, David Colvin (also rep Susan Colvin); Paul Bannister (also rep Dorothy Bannister): Andrew Stevenson (remembering Nina Stevenson and also rep Lee Stevenson and Lisa Eagles): Mesdames and Misses: Linda Christofferson, Susan Crew, Jean Craven, Babs Swann, Anne Hill, Chris Ward, Pat Hollas, Norma Hall, Lynn Roe-Gammon, Pauline Barratt, Pauline Smith, Anne Petch, Margaret Hewitt, Wendy Chalder, Lynne Hattle, Susan Thompson, Angela Woodhouse, Tracy Farr, Pamela Dixon, Janet Jennings, Angela McWilliam, Kate Appleyard, Jean Wright, Sheila Kimpson, Debbie Johnson, Wendy Douglas, Mel Suckling, Joanna Gollings, Mandy Moore, Sheila Webster, Margaret Walker, Barbara Bayliss, Carol Hornsey, Lorna Swallow, Helen Austin, Elise Genney, Cath Fletcher, Isobel Pearce, Ruth Ecclestone,Jo Calaby (also rep Helen Jarvis); Chris Reid (also rep Dave Reid); Norma King (also rep Paul King); Jo Gibbons (also rep Paul Gibbons); Misse Mason (also rep Derek Mason); Jan Williams (also rep Rebecca Thorpe); Elaine Blastland (also rep Frank Bunn); Carol Stevens (also rep Glyn Holmes); Gillian Lovelle (also rep John Lovelle): Diane Gibbins (also rep Gibbins family): Carla Clyburn (also rep Clyburn family): Christine Holden (also rep David Holden); Anne Lambert (also rep Judith Livingston): Jill Wright (also rep Gary, Charlotte and Brad): Liz Stones (also representing David and Louise Emberson); Alison Fletcher (also rep Alister Fletcher and family): Judy Garton (also rep Bill Garton and Linda Ramsey): Amanda Lea (also rep Mark Genney and Teagan Roberts); Jane Cannon (also rep Malc Cannon and Pete and Jan Todd): Louise Fisher (also rep Graham Fisher and Ian and Jo Mellady): Anne Poultney, Lady Captain (also rep the Ladies Section and Cleethorpes Golf Club): Arrangements were by Waltham Funeral Service
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: March 05, 2019.
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
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