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PEXMAN Nigel Nigel Pexman (56): A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by David McCormick Family Mourners Attending: Gina Teresa Cardosi, wife; Kimberly Jo Tolley, stepdaughter; Craig Douglas Tolley, step son-in-law; Glenn Cummins, step son; Emma Cummins, step daughter-in-law; Kerry Farquhar, sister; Keith Farquhar, brother-in-law; James Pexman and Leanne, son and partner; Lyndsey Fryer, niece; Rob and Ruth Smith, nephew and wife; Mark and Michelle Smith, nephew and wife; Russell Waller and Natalie Jones, nephew and partner; Kaylea Farquhar and Simon Terlouw, niece and partner; Nicola Thompson (Snodgrass), niece and Gary Thompson, husband; Victoria Smith, great niece; Ken Baker, cousin; Tony White, cousin; Len Proctor, cousin; Annmarie Fowler, cousin; Stuart Baker, cousin (also rep Melanie Baker); Ryan Ives, Godson; Others Attending: Jim and Allison Fell, Don and Valerie Millson, Rob and Jo Greenacre, George Greetham and Denise Lancaster, Paul and Janet Taylor, Kenneth Trushell and Amanda Jepson-Trushell, Paul and Joanne Wigfield, Aaron and Nat Greenacre, Liam and Paula Myers, Alistair Strugnell and Angela Mussell, Dave Wall (Rocky) and Jody Jepson, Andy and Tracey Siddle Messrs: Nick Haste, Mark Wardle, Steve Watson, Philip Maddison, Johnny Walton, Steve Carlberg, Jason Suddaby, Paul Allison, Paul Grayson, Albie Lewis, Chris Deans, Steven Bakes, Ian Porter, Stephen Martin, Darren Ogden, John Wilkins, Chris Tootill, Ken Meech, Tony Gibbs, Steve Morley, Charlie Tuplin, AE McDougall, David Kingswood, Luke Moore, Niven Bore, Phil Denford, Dennis Morland, Mick Harris, John Humberstone, Ian Wood, Joe Lawless, Gerry Friggieri, Ken Coley, Dean Ives, Andrew Howe, Lee Nuttall, Mark Watters, Jason White, Danny Turner, Phil Wood, Matthew Robinson, Gav Storrs, Mark Coyle, Sean Magill, Mike Gibbins, Dave Walmsley, Daniel Proctor, Ken Lancaster, Andy Oxer, Glenn Turner, Dave Jennings, Captain Martin Scales, Elliott Jennings, Keith Rowe, Geoff Gillespie, Keith Rowe, John Greenacre, John Usher, Roy Walker, David Taylor, Lee Burgess, Paul Morgan, Shane Sheppard, Andy Dixon, Sam Norris (Snr). Sam Norris (Jnr), Wayne Mellows, David Bland, Keith Howard, Gary Carlberg, Paul Newman, Andy Williams, Martin Waumsley, Martin King, Jim Harty, Lee Tenby, Mick Weston, Steve Langford, Steve Avis, David Enefer, Dave Sutton, Paul Sparkes, Lee Sparkes, Kenny Ball, Lee Cockerill, David Broderick, John Tilson, Jonathan Greenacre, Daniel Greenacre, Barry Whittleton, Brian Metcalfe, Paul Westcott, Paul Scruton, Terry Coll, Andy McCaw, Stephen Dickson (Dicksie), James Coyle, Paul Proctor, Dec Clark, David Tupling, Matthew Bishop, Simon Hatfield, Les Thompson, Darren Ives, Andy Dale, Leighton Power, Nev Chapman, Mark Parrott, Craig Mellows, Brian Foy (also rep Paul Foy); Trevor Webster (also rep Steve Baker); Alan Welsh (also rep Keith Jones); Jim Mawer (also rep Roger Dixon); Kyle Quinn (also rep Scott Bennett); Nick Duran (also rep Dean Parkinson); Kevin Maguire (also rep Nicky Morgan); Mark Patterson (also rep Paul Thompson); Kev Ashworth (also rep Matty McCourt); Len Davidson (also rep Crow's Nest FC); Louie Lawton (also rep Caroline Lawton); Darren Braithwaite (also rep Rose Braithwaite); Dave Newbould (also rep Eddie and Jack Trigg); John Humberstone (also rep Kirk and Lindsey Jones); Dave Taylor and Richard McLaughlin (also rep Jacobs); Trevor Fox (also rep Adie Fox and Andrew Blackett); Steve Bramley (also rep Bob Marshalsea and Arthur Bramley); Darren P Taylor (also rep Crow's Nest Hotel 2nd X1 Cricket Club); Steve Poffley (also rep Kev Booth and Michael and Andrew Bruford); Wayne Draper (also rep Ollie Pearce and Paul Sweeney and family, Australia); Mesdames and Misses: Tess Doyle, Ros Julier, Tammy Ives, Karen Laird, Trisha Miller, Sam Mason (Jacobs), Jackie Stalker, Sally Ashwell, Rachel Greenacre, Jenny Golder, Caroline McCulloch, Joy Wood (also rep John Wood); Anna Tuplin (also rep Chris Farrow); Scarlet Fell (also rep Hollie Fell); Lin Braithwaite (also rep Jane McKenzie); Janice Borst (also rep Alex and Lesley Mustow); Sally Gell (also rep Ralph Hurst and Kathryn Gillman); Arrangements were by Mashfords Independent Funeral Services of Cleethorpes
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: March 15, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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