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Melvyn Brian PHILLIPS

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PHILLIPS Melvyn Brian A funeral service for Mr Melvyn Brian Phillips aged 80 years of Ulceby, who passed away on July 10th 2019, was conducted by Rev Mark Hutson at St Nicholas Church, UIceby on July 23rd 2019 and was followed by committal at Great Grimsby Crematorium Family mourners attending: Tina Phillips, wife, Richard and Lisa Phillips, son and daughter-in-law, Nicholas and Helen, son and daughter-in-law, Jonathan Phillips, son, Natiya Phillips, grandaughter, Jack Phillips, grandson, Lewis Phillips and Laura, grandson and partner, Adrian Phillips, brother, Sandra Phillips, sister-in-law, Yvonne Phillips, sister-in-law, Neil and Ruth Phillips, nephew, Darren Phillips, nephew, Adam and Kay Phillips, nephew and wife, Mark and Denise, nephew and wife, Ian and Julie Phillips, nephew and wife, Callum, great nephew, Caitlin Phillips, great niece, Mrs J Horne, cousin, Mr and Mrs G Phillips (also rep. Phillips Family), cousin, Mrs C Golland, cousin, Mr S Phillips, cousin Others attending included: Mr B Willis (also rep. Yvonne Willis), Mr L Maddison (also rep. Margaret Maddison), Mr S Hollowday, Mr E Rogers, Mrs G Paul (also rep. Mr D Paul), Mrs N Chaplin (also rep. Lee and John Bettis), Mrs A Hill (also rep. Mr and Mrs P Beeson), Mr O Chaplin, Mr R Coultish, Mrs E Coultish, Mr and Mrs M Staves, Mrs M Jarvis, Mrs A Gooseman, Mr D Rogers, Mr R Hansard (also rep. CR Hansard Ltd and Stuart Sanders), Mr and Mrs J Dawson, Mr B Towsend (also rep. North Lincs Tyres), Ms C Yates, Mr and Mrs S Smaller, Mr T Allen, Mr J Wilkinson, Mr and Mrs J Osgerby, Mr and Mrs L Parkinson, Mr and Mrs D Parkinson (also rep. Ryan Parkinson and Danika Morrison), Mr and Mrs J Coupland, Ms S O'Shea, Mrs P Larder, Mr D Howsen, Mr and Mrs R Patterson (also rep. Glenys Stevelt), Miss E Margetts, Mr G Atkin (also rep. Patricia), Mr R Dixon, Mr and Mrs S Barr, Mrs B Plaskitt, Mrs N Plaskitt, Mr and Mrs K Chapman, Mr and Mrs B Dilley (also rep. Mrs M Houlton), Mrs D Mason, Mrs S Hart, Mr and Mrs A Paulson, Mr and Mrs P Allwood (also rep.. M and Mrs G Tanton and Nicola Smith), Mr S Dale (also rep. Dawn Dale), Mr and Mrs R Wright, Mr V Rothwell, Mr A Pickering (also rep.. Mrs K Pickering), Mr and Mrs N Baugh (also rep.. Mrs A Raines), Mr and Mrs Tony Goodson, Mr L Stoker (also rep. Jill and Alan Stoker), Mr and Mrs K Goulby, Mr R Dent (also rep. S Sanders), Mr G Atkin (also rep. R Atkin), Mr and Mrs M Wressell, Mr A Holah, Mr R Sykes, Mr A Redfearn, Mr J Weston (also rep. Pauline, Caroline, Paul, Michael and Peter Weston), Mr and Mrs J Hanson, Mrs J Pusey (also rep. Mr K Pusey), Mr and Mrs T Coupland (also rep. Mr and Mrs P Renyard and Mrs M Kearney), Mr B Seyes, Mr R Taylor, Mrs E Braithwaite (also re.. Mr Bob Clark), Mr G Simons, Mr and Mrs B Tye, Mr C Parrott, Mr and Mrs D Farr, Mr R White, Mr D Towle, Mr and Mrs P Smith, Mr J Freudenberg, Mr P Ingram (also rep. Ingram Family), Mr and Mrs J Cruddas, Mr R Cruddas (also rep. Mrs L Moore), Mr G Cook (also rep. Mrs A Cook and Mr S Bell), Mr and Mrs M Dove, Mr D Paul, Mr B Griffin (also rep. Mrs D Griffin), Mr K Dannatt (also rep.. Mr and Mrs N Fisher), Mr B Dannatt, Mr I Harding, Mr R Petchell, Mr and Mrs S Rogers, Mr and Mrs B Green (also rep. Mr and Mrs S Green and Family), Mr R Ellis, Mr and Mrs D Grant, Mr and Mrs M Hunt (also rep.. Miss B Hunt, Mr and Mrs C Coupland (also rep.. Mr and Mrs J Abbott), Mrs M Dove, Mr W Freudenberg (also rep. Mrs R Jauncey), Mr T Woods (also rep.. Mrs J Woods and Mr P Bentham), Miss S Taylor, Miss J Marshall, Miss L Delegate, Mr M Mawer (also rep. Mawer Family), Mr J Sneath, Mr M Fussey, Mr R Altoft (also rep.. Mrs S Altoft and Family), Mr R Wilson, Mr P Wood (also rep. Jack Tighe Group), Mr and Mrs P Hunt, Mr A Wood (also rep. Mrs J Woods), Mr and Mrs P Simons (also rep. Mrs J Thorteson and Mrs S Parker), Mr and Mrs E Page Funeral arrangements were by H and HJ Huteson and Sons of Barton-upon-Humber, Immingham and Winterton
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: August 06, 2019.
Home town: Ulceby
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