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ROBERTS Jayne A service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Reverend Nick Brown. Family mourners attending: Mark Roberts, husband; Owen Roberts and Charlotte Postle,son and fiancée; Emily and Matt Young, daughter and son in law; Joan Wilkinson, mother; Linda and Michael Collis, sister and brother in law; Abigail Collis, niece; Dr Paul and Philippa Sharpe, sister in law and brother in law; Imogen Sharpe, niece; Oliver Sharpe, nephew; David and Jane Wilkinson, cousin and wife; Roger and Gill Wilkinson, cousin and wife (also rep Doug and Audrey Eves); Tim Wilkinson, cousin (also rep Carolyn). Other mourners attending: Julie Pask(also rep Mark Pask and family, and Patricia Wells Anna Postle; David Postle; Malcolm and Jane Cannon (also rep Anne Lambert, Jude, and Lynda and Keith Tasker); Marguerite Cadey; Chris Sherburn; Sally Smith; Anna Walsh; Steve and Carolyne Cooney; G F & C Leyerzapf; Peter and Gwen Farmery; David and Katie Giles; Gordon Rogers (also rep the Rogers family); Fred Chamberlin; Paul Macleod; Lydia Chamberlin; David Chamberlin; Jayne Parker; Lisa Coombe; Robert Weeks; Mark Wild; Prof. Mike Cooke CBE; Lee and Helen Freeman; Betty Buckley; Maureen Norminton (also rep Peter, Gillian, Kevin, Simon and Philip); Julie and Andrew Silvester (also rep Emma and Robert); Samm Kettle (also rep Airtons Hairdressers); Jeff Todd; Ian and Paula Pinder; Philip and Ann White; Graham and Marilyn Bell (also rep Pamela Darby, Vicki Jackson, Chris Brook, and Fenland Federation of Schools); Andrea Davy (also rep Paul and Saskia); Frances Green; Bill and Judy Garton (also rep Caroline and John); Carolyn Young (also rep Barry); Alison McKenzie (also rep Jackie Carlton); Carole Romaine (also rep Bridget Howes); Lydia Romaine; Richard and Kate Coles (also rep Sheila and Martin Fawcett); Sandra Firth; Jenny Moss; Jo and Mark Topley; Les and Jackie Steele; Fiona Robinson; Kelly Davis; Steve Ettridge; Pete and Mags Kubicki; Jane and Paul Hooper; Julie Harvey; Dave and Caroline Wilson (nee Leam); Tony Dann (also rep Janet); Barry Tointon; Fiona Moon; Sharon Young; Laura Dillon; Ian and Natalie Leary; Stewart West; James and Arran Brindle; Wendy Jackson; Julia Dixon; Lesley Boyd; Jane Baddon; Kate Kemp; Mason Cole (also rep Market Rasen Rugby Club); Dave Gates. Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeralcare, Louth.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: February 08, 2019.
Region: East Midlands
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