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Norah Marina SEDGWICK

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SEDGWICK Norah Marina 'Sally' Norah Marina 'Sally' Sedgwick (84): a memorial service took place at All Saints Church, Waltham and was conducted by Reverend Kimberly Bohan. Family mourners attending: Bill Sedgwick, husband; Fiona and Steve Cook, daughter and son-in-law; Andrea and Andrew Inglis, daughter and son-in-law; Georgina Inglis, granddaughter; William Inglis, grandson; Robert Sedgwick and Pauline Hetherington, son and partner; Rebecca Sedgwick, granddaughter; Libby and Bob Halsey, daughter and son-in-law; Natasha Halsey, granddaughter; Tom Halsey, grandson; Don Fenwick, brother; Dennis and Janet Fenwick, brother and sister-in-law; Alex Sedgwick, brother-in-law; Jane Storer, niece; Rebecca Sedgwick, niece; Kate Salmon, niece (also rep. Charlie and James Salmon); Mandy Fenwick, niece; Paul Fenwick,nephew; Clare Fenwick, wife of nephew (also rep. Jonathan Fenwick, nephew and Jo Strawson); James and Karen Fenwick, nephew and partner; Ross and Lucy Fenwick, nephew and partner; Other mourners attending: Trevor and Eileen Jones; Richard and Margo Bradley (also rep. Harry and Kathleen Long); Sally Osborne; Karen Fenwick; Michael Inglis; Dennis and Jill Moore; Alaistair Finch; Paul and Pam Lawry (also rep, Pete and Gill Robinson); Terry and Janet Firth; Derek and Esther Peterson; Alan and Lesley Jacklin; Robin and Margaret Bullows (also rep. David and Carol Hughes, Sheila Cottingham and Jane Cooke); Ernie and Hilary Parratt; Tim and Pam Denby; Fred and Jackie Maasdam; Eddie and Stephanie Norman; David and Linda Sankey; William and Irene Ingham; Jim and Eileen Lowther; Bernard and Pat Christy (also rep. Mrs Cook); Joanne Harrison (also rep. Elizabeth Spurrell and Sam Harrison); Stuart, Jean and Rachael Shucksmith; Bob and Julie Swallow; Stephen and Hazel Humpries; Lucy Jackson; Mike and Olive Harvey (also rep. Sheila Hammond); Sue Hodgson; Kath Gell; Pete and Beryl Casswell; Ann Dennis (also rep. Would Newton WI); Syd and Julie Willey; Bart and Sally Easton; Ken and Allison Bottomley; Roger and Celia Douglas; Pat Howard; David and Margaret Sibary; Carol Shaw (also rep. the late Geoff Lenthall); Roger and Jean Young; Don and Mary Shaw; Denise Skipworth; Julie Griffin; Bill Threapleton (also rep. Jane Volland); Ian Robinson; Roy and Carol Campodonic; Barbara Guillatt; Pat Black; Chris Black; Bruce Rowles; Sarah Blount (also rep. Mark and Fiona Blount and Paul and Lesley Blount); David and Pam Blount (also rep. Margaret Blount); Jean Lloyd; Mary Morley; Julie Whiteley; Sarah Gorst; Ian and Sybil Reynard; Pauleen Bridges; Ray Barrett (also rep. Lynn Barrett); Annabel Haxby (also rep. Tom Haxby); Tim and Lindsay Fell; Andrew and Anna Clark; Bruce and Nicola Rowles; James and Emma Millingham-Manby (also rep. Richard and Lizzie Millingham- Manby); Mike and Pam James (also rep. Dave and Pauline Lee); Sylvia Ayeirs; Nicola Baillie (also rep. Dan Albone); Tim Mickleburgh (also rep. Ian Graham); Mark and Isabel Vincent (also rep. Vicky Dickinson and Abigail Clark); Becky Collett (also rep. Lesley Bradshaw); Jo McCulloch (also rep. James McCulloch); Rachel Green; Penny Letten (also rep. David); Gaye and Andy Roberts; Lottie Croft (also rep. Ann Masters and Tom Taylor); Nicola Ott (also rep. Ott family); Robin and Fiona Battle; Martin and Carol Blondeau; Julie Shanks; Wendy Coultas; Keith Atkinson (also rep. Ann Atkinson); Mike Hobdon (also rep. Wintringham Boys Grammar School). Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: September 09, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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