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Funeral Service of Jeffrey Albert STANLEY

Grimsby, Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.

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Jeffrey AlbertSTANLEYJeffrey Albert Stanley (78): A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Tony Jewitt Family Mourners: Christine Stanley, wife; Mandy Stanley and Simon Cocks, daughter and son-in-law; Peter and Rebecca Stanley, son and daughter-in-law; Poppy Stanley, granddaughter; Joseph Stanley, grandson (also rep Joshua Stanley, grandson): Rod and Margaret Easton, brother and sister-in-law; Andy Easton, nephew; Helen Lucas, niece; Rob Blyth, cousin; Mary Clarke, cousin; Steve and June Kirk, cousin; Sheila Leech, cousin (also rep Marjorie Deakin): Others Attending: Ian, Jane and Nicola Greenbeck, Brian and Mary Bell, Greg and Wendy Stratford, Pete and Pam Holman, Scott and Emma Jackson, Geoff and June Newton, Mr and Mrs D White, John and Jane Cullen, Paul and Tiffany Hubbert, Byron and Jenny Bourne, John and Jum Frankish, Arthur and Pat Moody (also rep Ade and Robb): Ian and Janet Fox (also rep Kevin and Jennifer Cooper): Andrew and Janet McArthur (also rep the Hainton Club): Ian and Anna Morgan (also rep Stuart, Michael and Philip): Robin and Jean Wallwork (also rep Sandra Phipps and the NHS Retirement Fellowship): Mike and Jackie Jex (also rep the Jex family; the Lane family, Phil Dyson and family; and Dave Smith, Commercial Manager, GTFC): Messrs: Tony Parrish, Phil Pulfrey, Melvin Walsh, John Craig, Graham Hobson, John Hancock, Dave Newbould, John Chidwick, Ron Hinch, Michael Smith, Jeff Todd, Marc Forester, John Middlewood, Mike Sutton, James Goodwin, Luke Moore, Keith Gledhill, Ray Gula, Richard Jennings, Peter Ross, George French, Paul Cadey, Kevin Webster, Phil Thompson, Calum Fox, George Jennings, George Arnold, Mick Warman, Chris Lynaugh, Bobby Bell, Spenny Wressell, Pete Sparkes, Phil Hurst, Kevin Mitchell, Graham Norvock, Simon Dodson, Chris Watson, Andy Garton, Steve Roberts, Tim Johnson, Sam Gregory, Graham Reeve, Phil Evans, Graham Ross, Bill Harrison, Sameh Metawea, Bob Hoggett (also rep Bert Trigg): Phil Bradley (also rep Liz Bradley): Stuart Reddy (also rep Chris Lownds): Rob Webster (also rep Chris Cozens): John Sparling (also rep Pete Johnson): Terry Staples (also rep Nick Pickering): Alan Wicks (also rep Terry Blackburn); Darren Hope-Dilley (also rep Paul Neul): Dave Germaney (also rep Lisa Germaney): Ian Twemlow (also rep Rachael Twemlow): Stephen Richmond (also rep Irene Richmond): Stan Gladwell (also rep Spencer Mumby-Croft): Jonathan Dacombe (also rep the Dacombe family): Pete Wilkins (also rep Dave, Josh and Elliott Oxley): Dave Moore (also rep Steve Bacon and Dave Barker): Steve Morley (also rep Wayne Drury and Rod Curtis): Mesdames and Misses: Sue Taylor, Julie Wilson, Louise Fowler (also rep Simon and Hannah); Sylvia Moss (also rep The Grimsby Labour Party): Sharon Dobbs (also rep Grimsby Town FC, Kirk Summers and Miles McFadyen): Arrangements were by Steven Near Funeral Directors of Wellowgate
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499 visitors. Published: 02/12/2019
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