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THOMPSON Patrick Pat Patrick Thompson (56): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium on Tuesday 17th March 2020 and was conducted by Fiona Glover. Family mourners attending: Paula Thompson, wife; Josh Thompson, son; Jordan Thompson and Holly- Marie Todd, son and partner (also rep. Noah Patrick, grandson); Pat and Tony Brown, mother-in-law and father-in-law; Jackie and Glenn Smith, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Joanne and Steve Tutty, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Beverly Dunkley, sister; Mark Thompson, brother; Andrew Thompson and Abigail Thompson-Chapman, brother and sister-in-law; Robert and Donna Thompson, brother and sister-in-law; Keith and Kay Copley, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Sharon and Stephen Denton, sister and brother-in-law; Pam Goodfellow, aunt; Brenda and Bill Bradley, aunt and husband; Leslie and Thomas Nicklin, aunt and husband; Simon Denton, nephew; Tom Collingwood, nephew; Nathan and Laura Denton, nephew and wife; Samuel and Ami Thompson, nephew and wife; Daniel Tutty and Sarah Fytche, nephew and partner; Amy and David Kirby, niece and husband; Harriet and Matthew Bickley, niece and husband; Jen Broderick and Aaron Grove, niece and partner; Mollie Collingwood and John Field, niece and partner; Charlotte Caster and Brynn Dunlop, niece and partner; Leanne Caster and Kristian Adams, niece and partner; Gemma Tutty and Ben Pinnock, niece and partner; Elizabeth and Mark Drant, niece and husband; Harrison Thompson, nephew; Oliver Thompson, nephew; Bethany Thompson, niece; Emma Thompson, niece; Ellie-Mae Sutton, step-niece; Neil Goodfellow, cousin; Nicky Thornley, cousin (also rep. Karl and Kyle Thornley, cousins); Amie Devaney, god-daughter; Holly Devaney, god-daughter. Other mourners attending: Gordon and Sue Burgess; Owen Parry and Vickie Caldwell; Jane Burnham; Karl Sykes; Rob Reed; Carl and Amanda Pullan (work colleague); Brian Gooderham; Rick Garner (ex- Royal Anglian); Mally Farrow (ex- Royal Anglian); Titch Taylor (ex- Royal Anglian); Shaun Smith (ex-Royal Anglian); Charles Long (Royal Anglian, Royal Lincolnshire Association, Grimsby Branch); Patrick and Vikki Hudson; Dave Charlton (ex- Royal Anglian); Brian Denton (ex- Royal Anglian, RAF Regiment); Dan Thompson; Lisa Davis; Kevin Darwood; Bindy and Diane (care of St Hughes); Major David Chandler (Royal Anglian, 7 Battalion); Robert Flint; Kim Guarino (also rep. Jane Porter); Mark Parrott; Rowan Osborne; Jonathan Smith; Wayne and Tracy Richardson; Tony Sargent (work colleague); Rob Osborne (work colleague); Louise Toyne; Shelly Andrews; Emily Drant; Sue Sinclair (also rep. Dot Booth); Debbie and Lea Phillips; Sarah Crane; Billy Booth and Sandie Bagnall; Debbie Brown; Deborah Cutler (also rep. Darren); Les Barley; Julie and Ian Drummond; Stacey Wilkinson; Norman Smith and Heather Clay; Simon Smaller; Phil Oldham (also rep. Sarah Oldham); Martin Young (also rep. Kevin and Hannah Blackburn); Andy Rendall; Neil Pendred; Ian Pykett (Queens Royal Association); Kevin Pykett; Marcus Fulton; Alan Cherry and Serena Humpries; Gavin and Elaine Coley; Danny Troop; Richard and Tracey Glover; Dusty Miller; Aaron Booth and Sara Harrison; Adrian and Amanda Overy; Jo Bennett; Kenny Gilmore; Mike Croft; Karen Dixon (also rep. Julie Swanson); Natalie Johnson; Michelle Kennedy; Samantha Pursglove; Anita Wroot; Rachel Winn; Lesley Sims (also rep. Jenny Taylor); Janet Robinson (also rep. Anne Onn); Leann Dyson; Mally and Debbie Culyer; Gavin Badics (Hoyer); Chris Hopcroft (also rep. Ian Moore and all at Hoyer): Sheila Grayson (Hoyer); Gaz Allerton (Hoyer, also rep. Melanie Allerton); Keith Davis; Lisa Dowling; Dave and Jill Martin; Mollie Cutler. Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Funeral Home,
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: April 03, 2020.
Home town: Grimsby
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