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Caroline Patricia Anne THORNDYKE

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THORNDYKE Caroline Patricia Anne (Anne) Caroline Patricia Anne Thorndyke (Anne) (64): A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Fiona Glover Family Mourners: Arthur Thorndyke, husband; Rachel Thorndyke, daughter; Luke Dane, daughter's partner; Jonathan Hurst, brother; Christine and Neil Ramsden, sister and brother-in-law; Paula Hurst, sister-in-law; Peter and Linda Thorndyke, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; David and Susan Thorndyke, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Richard and Kate Thorndyke, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Kathryn Boom, niece; Rebecca Jackson, niece; Karl Thorndyke, nephew; Charles Thorndyke, nephew;Steven and Nikki Thorndyke, nephew and wife; Ellie Phillips, niece (also rep Danny Phillips); David and Fiona Harris, cousin; Liz and Mike Lane, cousin; Glenda Frost (also rep Philip Frost); Others Attending:Mr and Mrs P Keeley, Vic and Veronica Ball, Adrian and Julie Dilworth, Alan and Sally Wallace, David and Eileen Gibbs, Barry and Valerie Mayes, Neil and Katie Tague, Paul and Alison Hansen, Tom and Eloise Hansen, David and Paula King, Mr and Mrs C Pinder, Andy and Bridie Ryan (also rep Andy Jnr): George and Ellen Cooper (also rep Clee Vets): Steve and Ann Moses (also rep Margaret Tague); Krish and Jayne Kumar (also rep Billy and Julie Chapman); Messrs: Barry McGill, Jordan Gibbons, David Buckle, Stuart Ramsden, Dave Haxby, Martin Graham, Tony Robinson, Rob Moses, James McCormick, Colin Lowe, Girish Ramesh, Mustafa Mustafa, Adam Sowter and Steve Whittles (also rep Engie): Mesdames and Misses: Susan Bird, Dianne Powley, Alison Prior, Ellen Marwood, Gina Buckle, Margaret Foreman, Trina Wilkinson, Roseann Keeley, Sophie Pidgen, Kayleigh Hansen, Linda Robinson, Jean Holdsworth, Helen Ingham, Jenny Edwards, Inga-Lisa Hansen, Veronica De Lorenzis, Liz Rochford, Angela Walker, Sara Hooton (also rep Vikkee Lofas): Margo Thomas (also rep Sian Thomas): Lesley Lilliman (also rep Mark Lilliman): Angela Dollery (also rep Andrew Dollery): Arrangements were by Mashfords Independent Funeral Services of Cleethorpes
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: January 13, 2020.
Home town: Grimsby
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