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Stephen WELLS

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WELLS Stephen A service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Nick Oldfield. Family mourners attending: Nikki Wells, daughter; Alex Wells, granddaughter; Merri Wells, granddaughter; Jay Lear, grandson; Alfie Lear, grandson; Matt Lear, son in law; Joanne O'Connor, step daughter; Jessica Bramley, step granddaughter; Denise Kirkham, sister; Donna Jackson, sister; Pat Kirkham, sister; Terry and Kath Wells, brother and sister in law; William McCrachen, brother in law; Erica Cass, sister in law (also rep Alan Cass); Sally Burrett, sister in law; Lauren Jackson, niece; Marie Leach, niece; Mandy Wells, niece; Mark Kirkham, nephew; Malcolm Wells, nephew; Chris Cass, nephew; Danielle Cuthbert; Lisa Stripling (also rep Doreen and Frank Cuthbert, and Lee Mumby); Rebecca Cuthbert; Kevin Cass. Other mourners attending: Alison Wilson; Dianne Cuthbert; Jamie Meek; Nikkie and Andy Buffam; Mandy Critchton; Rob Hugill; Kath North; Jeffrey Marrikin; John Hensby; Kath Neul; Steve and Anne Blastland; Pauline Haigh; George Green; Mark Green; Clare and Craig Robinson; Lewis Robinson; James Capps; Shane Harrison; Paul Pearson; Andy Gibbons; 'H' and Denise Gibbons; Barbara Ballard; Samantha and Wayne Needham; Shaun McCandles; Chris Crampton; Paul Smith; Linda Wells; Dale Wells; Caroline Devaney; Sarah Knight; Chloe Bass; Chris Barnes; Lisa Robertson; Kathy Robertson; Zoe Saunders; Chelsey Storey; Kylie Thomas. Funeral arrangements were by Co-operative Funeralcare, Cleethorpes.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: September 16, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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Funeral Director
Co-Operative Funeral Service
Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes
South Humberside, DN35 7LB
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