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Frederick Joseph WILKINS

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WILKINS Frederick Joseph FREDERICK JOSEPH WILKINS (78): A service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Anthony Spitteler. Family mourners attending: Sandra Wilkins, wife; Trevor, Debbie and Jake Wilkins, son, daughter in law and grandson; Lisa Wilkins, Emma and Bradley Ladds, daughter, granddaughter and grandson; Julie and Duncan Campbell, step-daughter and husband (also rep Paul and Chrissie Toyne, step-son and wife); Lauren Wragg, Alexandra and Charlotte Campbell, Lacy and Leighton Toyne, grandchildren; Isla-Rose and Elsie-Mae Ladds, great grandchildren; Pete Wilkins, brother (also rep the Wilkins family); Tracey Tartellin, niece (rep Mark husband, also Joseph Tartellin, great nephew, and Lucy Tartellin, great niece); Michelle Collins, niece (also rep Rita Collins); Penny and Ian Stephenson, niece and husband; Mary and Alan Ramsden, niece and husband; Tom O'Keeffe, great nephew; Bethany Stephenson, great niece; Zoe Stephenson and Matt Newton, great niece and fiancée; Rebecca Short, great niece; Sheila Starkey, cousin (also rep Beryl Grant nee Howard, cousin, Gordon Howard, cousin, and Bill Howard, cousin); Liz and Dave Starkey, half cousin; John and Jo Robinson, cousin (also rep Paul and Sue Cale, cousin); Patricia Wilkins; Bert Redman (also rep Irene); Dave Redman; Jackie Redman; Ad and Donna Vanmarion (also rep Anton Vanmarion); Raymond Carr; Angela Wilkins and Philip Johnson (also rep Joanne Wilkins, Richard Wilkins, and Mandy Wilkins); Dan Crellin; Paul Wragg. Other mourners attending: Kenneth and Doreen McCulloch; Marjorie and Bernard White; Richard Frith (also rep Pat); Tom and Janet Dawson; Tony Robinson; Joe and Margaret Newell; Kevin and Jane Copley; Tim and Judy MacCormack; Gary Almond; Eileen Woods; Julz Ladds; Alfred Ladds (also rep Margaret); Katie and Justin Morris; Colin Johnson; Jason Smith (also rep Fred Smith, and Pauline and family); Samantha Laverick; Brian and Karen Stringfellow; Keith and Babs Cadey; Daniel and Sarah Corke; Sally and Chris Smith; Mike Coulson; Mally and Julie Peterson; Paul Sampson (also rep Refrigeration Lindum); Doug Beesley; Barbara Mulkeron; Sheila Thomson; Chris Cummings (rep Angela, also Chantelle Cummings); Pete and Diane Waters (also rep Cartergate Social Club); Angela and Graham Hicks; Terence Cummings; Kelvin Betts; Alan Hill; Jean Claridge; Colin Fitzgerald; Irene Stanton; Pat and Laurie Barraclough; Tom and Pam Harris. Funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-op, Grimsby.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: June 07, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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