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Gillian Anne WOODCOCK

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WOODCOCK Gillian Anne Gillian's service took place at St. Peter's Church, Scotter on Friday 29th March 2019 followed by interment at Scotter Cemetery. The service was conducted by Reverend David Swannack. The mourners who attended the service included: Mr & Mrs A Surfleet (mother), Mr & Mrs A Wray (sister), Mr & Mrs B Woodcock (father), Mr Adam Woodcock, Mr Barry Savage (fiancé), Jack Mcullagh, Mr & Mrs N Allison, Mr & Mrs J Faunthorpe (uncle), Eleanor Colleran & Chris Buckel, Mr & Mrs J Mclean, Laura Bolton, Mr & Mrs A Britcliffe, Darren Britcliffe, Pauline Goodburn, Jean & John White, Ellie Halam, Lillian Jacklin, Stuart Todd, Julie Todd, Lorraine Bolton (Nee Todd), Mavis Todd, Caroline Ryder, (Rep. Mr & Mrs J Watson), Julie Mychajluk (Rep. Ray Bradley), Susan Reece, Betty Sargent, Verity May, Graham Burman, Janet Arrand, Reverend George Massey, Wendy Molt, Barbara Billam, Angela Scott, Victoria Clarkson, Sara Sleight, Steve Walker, Margaret & Brian Winsor, Margaret & Tony Pratt, Amie & Paul Hannath, Diane Colleran, Scott Ferguson, Val & Steve Wray, Laura Stocks, Gary Jones, Philip & Heather Woodcock, Matthew Woodcock, Neil Woodcock, Mick Savage, Carol Savage, Sophie Savage, Mr & Mrs Simpson, Von Cook (Rep. Keith Cook & Nicky Pashley), Paula Brooks & Scott Mychajluk, Mrs K Goy, Zoe Croft, Angela Brown (Ex Playgroup), Mr & Mrs David Briggs, Rebecca Fogg, Gary Fogg-Czerwinskyj, Hilary Hughes (Rep. Ambulance Service), Shaun Bleming (Rep. Ambulance Service), Mandy Newman, Brandon Andrade, James & Leanne Kirman, Sandra & Eddie Strong, Leslie & Martin Albans, Sue Walker, Phil & Kelly Cragg, Anna Ivlntic (Dialysis Unit), Sarah Cullen (Dialysis Unit), Lisey Markose (Dialysis Unit), Tonya Cooke (Dialysis Unit), Vicky Mullins (Dialysis Unit), Sylvia Anderson (Rep. John Anderson), Carol O'Connor, Dave Maud, Rebecca Rozanne Rochesca, Jenny Longsdale, Tressa Walker, Janet Winter, Liza Cooke, Tressa Horsewood, Stuart Needham, Emma Harrison, Mavis Allen, Diane Bertt (Rep. Dawn Pinch), Simon Else, Martin Johnson, Clair Marklew, James Marklew, Helen Allen, Graham & Vicky Robinson, Janet Harrison, Louise Taylor, Polly & Christina Green (Rep. Clive Green), Laura Grant, Alice Tait, Betty Anderson (Rep. Anderson Brothers), Paul & Claire Lucas, Joanne Button, Fiona Grainger (Rep. Dan Bray), Emma & Neil Turner, Mrs Angela Browne, Simon Turner, Janet Evans, Sally Ogley, Margaret Rider, Sue & Jon Smith, Louisa Sleight, Tim & Pam Noone, Des Comerford, Darren Comerford, Rebecca Comerford, Kristopher Patterson, Amy Patterson, Carol Dobson, Lesley & Stewart Whitlam (Rep. Denise Lovely), Paula Grace, Claire Murphy, Louise Flear, Philip & Emma Jones, Carl Roberts, Jack Savage, John & Kay Savage, Teegan & Amanda Rayner, Mr & Mrs C Mychajluk, Mrs Pamela Lloyd, Shirley Herrick, Martin Windle, Jane Day, Leanne Ellis (Rep. Dave Hill), Patricia Dobney, Sue Swannack, Susan Walker (Rep. Billy Walker), Anita Hunter (Rep. Brian Hunter & Mrs Juliet & Mr David Morrison), Sheila Evans (Rep. Susan & Rhian Evans), Elaine Kirkby, Jane Swift (Rep. Jessica & Mylea Jones), Kelly Irwin, Emma Taylor, Joyce Birkitt, Carol Wright (Rep. Camille Hudson), Katie Colleran, Sue Whitby, Ann Buckel, Rose Clark, Mr & Mrs K Button, Neil Young, John Delling, Ian Baker, Ryan Morris, Gayle & Kev Smith (Rep. Amy & Nick McLellan), Jean & Tony Bartlett, Beryl & Derek Skelton, Emma Robinson, Nichola Corcoran, Ashley Hill, Danielle Burrows, Mr & Mrs Steven Dinsdale, Sue Needham, Lauren Caley, Gaynor Radford, Christine & Rob Nicholson, Sara Williams, Mylea Hamilton, Mr & Mrs Steve Howe, June Byrne, Jean Pearce, Beryl Lormor & Helen Lormor (Rep. The Lormor Family), Paula Kirman, Jenny Kilner, Rennell Turrell, Chris Kirman, Leonie Rice, Mark Rockall, Dan Richmond, Rebeca Turner, Mark & Lynne Turner, Paul Harrison, Helen Parrott, Jamie Parrott, Josh Allison, Jess Hollingsworth, Wendy Ashton, Natalie Cairns, Alan Cairns, Samantha Howitt, Debra Boulton (Rep. Paul Boulton), Nev & Joan Tong, Mr S Williamson, Janet Winter, Michael Walters (Dialysis Unit), Andy Bunyon, Maria Brown & Lauren Caley.
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Published in: Scunthorpe Telegraph.
Published from: April 11, 2019.
Region: Yorkshire & the Humber
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