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Announcing the passing ofCarl TIGHE

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Carl TIGHE Carl Tighe passed away on 8 May 2020, aged 70 years. He will be remembered with 'bucketloads' of love by his wife Madeleine, his stepson Luke, his four brothers and two sisters. He was a true Renaissance man, artistic, knowledgeable, wise, athletic, social and caring. He will be greatly missed but his legacy lives on in the influence he made upon the world as a writer, a teacher, a mentor, a brother and friend.
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Published from: May 23, 2020.
Home town: Manchester
Notable areas: Swansea (Abertawe), Birmingham
Carl was truly one of the 'good' guys. His achievements were great as was his influence. Our many happy times together with Madeleine and Carl in Rhodes leave us with precious memories to keep in our hearts forever. Maggie and Ikuo
Left by Maggie and Ikuo Kajiyama: 27/05/2020
I’ll sit here under this tree a while… We’ll sit right here under this tree a while, the concert starts at four, the Chaffinch starts it off, you say, you tell me the sounds to listen for. We’ll watch the dappled sunshine flicker and twist, listen to the high pitch trill of the BlueTit or the early morning Blackbirds song, Rejoicing in your life, and touching it with its Kisssss. I’ll sit here under this tree a while, and wait for you to write, your familiar script will drop upon my mat with news of this and that, we’d have a plan for Derby, Manchester or The Edge, you’ll decide, you’ve that got off pat. I sit alone under this tree and still wait for you to write. You pen your craft, of Poland, plights and aliens, writing skills of ten thousand years, (and that’s a fact). with news of responsibilities that come with that. You’ll tell me how your characters are, how Hinks was moved, or how Burning worm has tracked. We’ll listen to some music Carl, take Grappelli just for now, then have a little Django later, to finish off the show. I’m sitting here, still waiting Carl, while the evening sun goes down, they’re setting tables and chairs for us, a restaurant has come to town. Or, I’ll shall cook lamb Kleftiko, not stolen this time and you of course, will bring the finest wine, and sit and stroke a cat, or two, then we’ll wander streets of charm and age, in no particular rush, The heat above the rustic roofs, you’ll gently guide me through the crush. You tell us we have to wait a while,, until you write, I sit here in the evening warmth and watch the sun go down. I can smell those yellow roses, the ones you wrote about and watch their petals gently fade and fall out. I hear the chink of the blackbirds evening call, and the Cuckoo say “goodnight”. I’ll reflect up these special gifts and ponder,, what will you write?. Kate
Left by Kate Creed: 27/05/2020
So proud of Carl’s achievements. So many lovely memories of a great mentor and gentleman. Taken long before his due time. A huge loss for his friends and family. Farewell brother
Left by Adrian Tighe: 26/05/2020
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Left by Adrian Tighe :
I was shocked to hear of Carl's passing; my heart goes out to Madeleine. I am so very fortunate to have had you both as friends while I was in Manchester. I cherish many beautiful memories of you both, including the few days we had together in Greece many years ago. Take care, Madeleine. Know you are loved and in many peoples' hearts and thoughts. You are in mine. You'll always be welcome wherever I call home. Evie.
Left by Evelyn Plaice: 26/05/2020
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