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SANDERSON Sharon Sharon Sanderson (50): A service took place at the Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Dawn Kemp Family Mourners: Eden Sanderson, daughter; Keane McLaughlin, son; Pat and Ron Symonds, mum and dad; Mandy and Mark Dunning, sister and brother-in-law; Mairwen Dunning, niece; Ian Sanderson, brother-in-law; John Twigg, uncle; Gordon Taylor, uncle; Brian Symonds, uncle; Alan and Joy Taylor, uncle and aunt; David Taylor, cousin; Joanne and Jeremy Cook, cousin;Lisa Myers, cousin and Simon Green; Caroline and Andrew Quincey, cousin; Marilyn and Timothy Pryme, cousin; Adrian Sanderson; Mark McLaughlin; Janet Sanderson; Margaret Dale; Others Attending: Terry and Barbara Matthews, Mr and Mrs M Hiles, Michael Hayton and Rachel Craig, Mark and Samantha Short, Mr and Mrs D Mason, Tim and Barbara Pearson, Mr and Mrs Robert Baker, Neville and Josie Clay, Chris and Sue Chamberlain, Mario and Katie Auguste (also rep Alfie): Vic and Joy Banks (also rep Adam Banks): Mr and Mrs B Arnett (also rep Gareth Arnett): Stephen and Jackie Doe (also rep Sam and Isabelle); Stephen and Janet Topliss (also rep Vinny Bradley and Sharon Counte): Mr and Mrs M Davis (also rep Immingham Pilgrims U14 Football Team): Messrs: Myles Davis, Damon Horton, Morgan Dunks, Andrew Dunks, Caden Wood, Luke Caley, Matthew Griffin, Oscar Hayton, Pete Laking, Ross Taylor, Darren Robinson, Bob Carlile, Mark Fields, Bootsy Lewis, Connor Short, Kyle Short, Peter Hird, Rob Barrass, Michael Doe, Ryan Todd, Craig Taylor, Steve Taylor, Gary Ratcliffe, Steven Smith, Chris Hanslip (also rep Tracey Hall): Martin Bedford (also rep Rose and Tony): Noel Mclaughlin (also rep Jennifer McLaughlin): Mesdames and Misses: Eloise Smith, Hannah Gray. Paula Palmer, Barbara Santen, Anna Morley, Mandy Wakefield, Lisa Bateman, Cheryl London, Beryl Leeman, Wendy Hibbert, Tammy Cullen, Katie Reeves, Emily Palmer, Caitlin Hickson, Helen Hickson, Helen Davidson, Samantha Douglas, Abbie Short, M Dziobon, Carmel Davis, Louise Hopkinson, Jordana Lloyd, Kelly Swain, Carol Friel, Maureen Stead, Marian Phillips, Helen Gray (also rep James Gray): Amanda Leach (also rep Brett Leach): Sandra Friel (also rep Garry Watters); Joanna Watson (also rep Garry Watson): Julie McPeake (also rep Sandra Hunter): Eunice Lloyd (also rep Mr and Mrs Les Watts): Deana Ringrose (also rep Lee, Amy and Lewis); Maia Wilkinson (also rep the Pharmacy Department, at the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby); Arrangements were by Mashfords Independent Funeral Services of Cleethorpes
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: February 21, 2020.
Home town: Grimsby
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