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COOKE Nigel Nigel Cooke (54): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium on Friday 28th February 2020 and was conducted by Reverend George Goalby, Military Chaplain. Family mourners attending: Andrea Cooke, wife; Bradley Cooke, son; Shelly Cooke, sister; Andrew Cooke, brother; Tracy Cooke, sister-in-law; Lesley Cooke, sister-in-law; Steve Usher, life long friend; Jayne Nixon, close friends; Andy Nixon, close friends; Derek and Angela Cook, brother and sister-in-law; Pauline and Malcolm Sylvester, sister and partner; Wally and Ena Kirk, uncle and aunt; Margaret Cook, aunt; Michael Johnson, uncle; Pauline and Vic Collins, aunt and husband; Ashley, Adam and Sam, nephews; Rebecca Cook, niece; Kelly Cooke, niece; Katie Cooke, niece; Toni Cooke, niece (also rep. Sammy Cooke, niece); Sue Acklam; Louise Evenden, niece; Sophie Cooke and Tom Hand, niece and partner; Lisa and Jason Bartlett, niece and partner; Becca Cooke and Jamie Reynolds, niece and partner; Ben Cooke and Kelly Swan, nephew and partner; Lauren Cooke, niece; Dawn and Rob Lowry, niece and husband; Joshua Evenden, great-nephew; Bronwyn Evenden, great-niece; Heath Johnson, cousin; Nadine Houghton, cousin; Stephen and Diane Davies, cousin and wife; Christine and Gary Stewart, cousin and husband; Amelia Stewart, second cousin; Meg Stewart,second cousin; Kieron Houghton, second cousin; Corey Houghton and Paige Fleming, second cousin and partner; Kevin and Sharon Holberry; Jeff and Margaret Row; Matthew Row. Other mourners attending: Charles Long (Royal Anglian, Royal Lincolnshire Regiment Association, Grimsby Branch); Sheila Cherry; Shell Dade; Wendy Woods; Darryl Briggs; Olly Quickfall; Paul Cohen, Mark Beck, Paul Ledum, Floyd Draper, Kevin Valenzuela, John Staddon (all work colleagues); Eddie Gibbs (Bugler); Kev Ball (retired Lieutenant Colonel); Steve Cross; Richard Watson and Ken Carpenter (Royal Engineer Association, South Humberside); Trevor Brown (Standard Bearer); John Cooper (Guard of Honour); David Duffield (Guard of Honour); Peter Blackburn (Guard of Honour); Alaistair Massie (Royal Engineer Association, Standard Bearer); Ray Murphy (Royal Engineer Association); Byron Watson (Royal Engineer Association); Terry and Sarah Johnson; Kelly Wood; Adam Blackburn; Leigh Jackson (Military); Nigel and Eleanor Glenister (Military); Richard Smith; Manvill Phillips; Kay Walton (also rep. Donna Benwell); Steven Law (Major, Royal Engineer Association); Jonathan Crosby; Ben Campbell; Marie Mariott (work colleague); Nigel Blythe (Royal Engineer Association, Wakefield Branch, Standard Bearer); Andrew Usher; Jeff Usher; Chloe Usher (goddaughter); Eillen Usher; Alfie King; Lee Scales; Les Simpson and Debbie McKinven; Diane Gillie; Sharon Brown; Andrew Whelan (army); Robert Paterson (army); Josh Jaques; Michael Try; Nigel and Mandy McClean; Alistair Simpson; Phil and Barbara Dickerson (Military); Pete Crampton; Danielle Pearson; Dan Buckley (Military); Len Wilkinson (Military); Dave McGinnis (Military); Peter Richardson (also rep. Andy Bell); Bill Richardson (also rep. Andy Richardson); Mark Galyer (French); Jeff Norman; James McCormick; Elaine Horner; Michele Battersby; Lorraine Holt. Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Funeral Home,
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: March 20, 2020.
Home town: Grimsby
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