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Philip Walter MERRISON

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MERRISON Philip Walter PHILIP WALTER MERRISON (51): A service took place at St James, Grimsby Minster, and was conducted by Reader Ken Richardson. Family mourners attending: Barry and Carol Merrison, father and mother; Sophie and Billy Merrison, daughter and son; Andrew and Joanna Merrison, brother and sister in law; Karen Valentine and India, partner and partner's daughter; Becky Merrison and Noah Wili, former wife and Sophie's partner; Finlay and Francesca Merrison, nephew and niece; Colleen Gray and Bethany Duggan, former sister in law, and daughter of Joanna Merrison; Val and Dave Ford, aunt and husband; Dusty and Hazel Hardisty, uncle and aunt; Eldred and Robina Hardisty, second cousin and wife (also rep Carolyn and Gillian); Darren and Jayne Ford, cousin and wife (also rep Linda and Bert Shenton, aunt and husband); Mia Wilkins, goddaughter; Scarlett Wilkins, goddaughter (also rep Paul and Lynne Emeny, and Roger Ward); Ryan Coombes; Pam Gladwell and Don Walker; Andrew Usher (also rep the Usher family). Other mourners attending: Louise Gibbs (rep Andy, also Lewis and Joel and the Gibb family); Mila Ramos; Paul and Lucy Gardner (also rep Archie Gardner); Kevin Kennedy (also rep Pete Hayselden); Chris and Matt Sheader (also rep Matthew Sheader, Sue and Derek Grundy); Wendy and Derek Dalby (also rep David Dalby, and Darren Dalby); Joan Jackson; Vivienne and David Jackson; Michael and Sharon Tutty; Martin McKee; Mike Leonard; Amanda Ladds (also rep Mike); Gail McMenemie (also rep Dave); Rebecca Wilson (also rep Paul and New Waltham Academy); Mark Machon; David Scott (Cleethorpes Tri Club); John Higson (Worshipful Brother St Peter Lodge); Glen Dodson (Cleethorpes Tri Club, also rep Janine Fell); Dianne Clark; Steven Eyre; Ian and Julie McLean (also rep David Hilton); Tony Miller; Mike Fieldhouse; Stuart Oxborough; Albert Call and Maxine Mussell; Steve Palfreman; Dave Kilgour; Adam Booth; Tony Shepherd (also rep Annette Padison, and Rex Johnston); Charlotte Dale; Debbie Watt; Dawn Braithwaite; Nelson and Fiona Hunter; Ian Tully (also rep Conoco Phillips); Chris Hall; Cody Button; James Howard; Joey Finnegan; Josh Coulton; Jack Pearson; Bradley Mitchell; Dan Read; Donald and Barbara Fletcher; Les and Ann Phillipson; Mark Cummings; Steve Read; Howard Simpson; Steve Wakefield (rep N E L Mind, also Steve Norton, Peter and Maureen Vaugham, Jill Vaugham, and Lucy Vaugham); Lisa Lister; Shirley Angelini; Heidi Taylor (also rep Chris); Maureen Stennett (also rep Robert and Sarah Stennett, and Jose Carr); Guy and Julie Smith (also rep Miall Smith); Ian and Tracey Bell; Brian Pleasance (also rep Lindsey Oil Refinery); Ashley and Andrea Page (also rep Darren Page, and the Croft family); Mark Plastow; Ian Birtles (Worshipful Master St Peter Lodge); Graeme Dalby (St Peter Lodge); David Logan; Alistair Bell; Mark Rendall-Tyrrell (also rep Jason Clark, Topcon Construction); Ian and Teresa Melladay; Gary and Julie Carlton; Roy Kurz; John Armstrong; Kerry Clarkson (also rep Denise, and Susan and Norman Ross); Steve Sykes (St Peter Lodge, also rep Nick Collins); Jim Sutton; David Beeson (also rep the Emerson family); Carl Gilby; Ian Murray: Andrew and Jacquie Smith; Roland Linfitt (also rep Evie Linfitt, and Beccy and Dave Burns); Terry Smith (Grimsby Golf Club); Carl Bridge (also rep Tracey); Jody Young; Mark Tomlinson (also rep Jayne Fisher); Rob Smith; Martin Simon (Grimsby Rugby Club); Craig Smith; Mike Hart (also rep Clee Unit Old Boys Cricket Club); Alison Potts; Douglas Craggs; Kevin Fuller; Wayne Spall (rep Alison, also Rachael Spall, and Gemma Spall); Nigel and Karen Graham; Andrew and Penny Moorby (also rep Roger Ward); Annette Parson; Daniel Gibbs; Paul Mann; Tracy Crichton; Mick Gregory (also rep Cleethorpes Athletics Club); Nina and Andy Smith (also rep Eve Smith, Jean Sorensen, and Kevin Cross); Kelly McLean (also rep Kevin); Stuart and Debbie Cox; Martin Barnes; Keith Jones; Helen Wilkinson (also rep Elena Wilkinson); Matthew Riley; Shayne Small; Adam Hollins; Neill Button; Robin Ruston; Richard Hull (also rep Andy Hale); Alan Turnbull; Chris Carr; Neal Markham; Martin Seaton (also rep Vickie); Ian and Claire Sanderson (also rep Stephen and Megan Briant); Andy Young; Martin Grayson; Daniel Hill; Paul Darby; Lee Chambers; Elizabeth Stockdale; Gwen Stockdale; Margaret and John Mitchell; Pam Bendle; Charlotte Adams; Andrew Saunders; Nick and Lydia Gibbs; Alice Jackson; Viv Jackson; Joan Jackson; Emily Jackson; Edith Rotherham; Derek and Maree Woods; Geoff Bartholomew B.E.M (also rep Discoveries Football Club); Darren Coggan; Stuart Saunders (also rep Andrew Leggett); George and Sheila Lill (also rep Arnie and Madge Rawlins); Chris and Fiona Hanley; Betty Gash (also rep Wolds Vets); Les Walmsley (also rep Paul); Margaret Love; Marie Woodhouse (also rep Stephen); Stephen and Sharon Barker (also rep Hedley and Jacqueline Barker); Kevin and Tracy Humphrey; Denise Cant (Cleethorpes Tri Club); Jo Smith (Cleethorpes Tri Club); Cheryl Baker and Scott Gillespie; Mary Craig; Hilary Burkitt; Leah Pullen; Lesley Parry (also rep Tina McKay); Mark Crellin; Deborah Morris; Andy and Diane Pegg; Barbara and Denis Brown; Peter Miller (also rep Denise, and Carl Miller); John Gibbons (also rep Mel Cox, and Chris Johnson); Dave Gibney and Maria Steer; Tracey Gibson (also rep Darren, and Wold Vets Running Club); Tania Mackie; Sian McCort; Sharon Anderson; Kevin Smith; Nicola and Neil Pattison; Graham and Kaye Crompton-Howe; John and Maxine Cook (also rep Jeremy Waters); Michelle Cook (also rep Nigel, Emily and Charlotte); Heather Martin (also rep David); Martin Russell; Roger Coo and Tracy Turrell; Alan and Samantha Young; Ian Morrison (Rugby Coach); Hayley Dainty; Graham Oliver; Michael Staples (also rep Pauline); Geoff and Sandra Gillespie; Jayne Benford; Karen Easton (also rep Nigel and Wendy Holmes and family); Georgia Easton; Annie Finnegan; Yvonne Doyle; Dan Chico; Si Gibney; Lynne and Howard Parkinson; Jack Evans (rep Jo Evans, also Jan and Tony Dann); Maria Coleman; Jim Bird (also rep Bill Dent); Theresa and Martin Halpin; Anthony Halpin; Tony Walker; Robert and Dawn Flowers; Andrew Burgess; Frank and Dee Pritchard (also rep Julie, David and Paul); Martin Pritchard; Gary Paton (also rep Tracey); Pauline Allen (also rep Steve and Paul); Dave Cole (Car Park); Arthur and Jeanette Darwood; Robert and Maureen Middlemiss; Jane Gadd; Lorraine Markham; Mary Thompson; Kevin Best; Paul Mason (also rep CATCH); Holly Goodwin (also rep CATCH); Jessica Bocock (also rep CATCH); Conrad Graves (also rep Diane and Jack); Jordan Graves; Mandy Wilbourne; Jenny Gray (also rep Lisa Gray); Ray Jones (also rep Christopher Jones); Paul Topliss and Kay Shearer; Helen and Russell Simmonds (also rep Eve and Isabella Simmonds); Gary Carlberg (also rep Rob Hinch); Maureen Birch (also rep Ruth Carlberg); Steve Poffley; Emma Wilson; Sandra Marshall (also rep Phil); Tracey Oldham (also rep Andy and Joanne Armstrong); George and Marion Hardy; Peter Crick; David Evans; Karl May; Bacardi King; Corey Bedford (Grimsby Telegraph); Chris Whitte (Grimsby Rugby Club, also rep John Birch). Andrew and Melanie Eley; Trevor Payne; Neil James; Julia Coombes; Graeme and Helen Garrod; Tony Peace (also rep Steve Clayton, and Des Church); Louise and John Wallis; Trevor Church (also rep Rob Beel, and Clee United Old Boys C.C.); Tim Coney; Charles Jackson; Alan Oxborough (also rep Reynolds Training); Chris Whotton (also rep Gary Horsfall, and Andy Worrell); Vikki Wilkinson (also rep Charlie Wilkinson); Carla Lait; Jim and Rachel Saunders (also rep Gary Grantham, Tony Trigg, and Steve Clayton); Lee Stokes; Julie Crimmins; Shaun McCluskie; Rob Easton; Annabel Easton; Pauline and Terry Gray; Sue and Carl Lamb (also rep Georgina Lamb, Mr & Mrs Mark Smith, and Pete Webb); Mikey Lamb; Brad Lamb; Shaun Hayward; Stu and Kate Maxwell (also rep David Smith 'Miff'); Frank Hamill; Michael and Sharon Hanson; Dave Jackson; Clive Thornley; Stuart Cufflin; Nigel Burkitt; Dave and Lisa Aldin; Valentijn Meier; Rach Coulson; Malcolm and Abby Smith; Stuart and Sally Macfarlane; Reece and Daniella Cullum Emily Jackson and Tom Hall; Chris and Helen Baker; Jason Neilson; Mick Paterson; Jayne White; Sarah Graves; Eileen and David Gibbs; Jo Farmery; Eddie Woollock; Flora Forster; Andrew and Leanne Sharman; Mike Helland; Darren Fleming; Ashley Fleming; Nick Forman (also rep Cleethorpes A.C. and Smyth Lodge); Irene Coulson (also rep Allison and Lydia Moore); Stuart Dean (Total Lindsey Oil Refinery); Steve Bryant (Total Lindsey Oil Refinery); Lindsay and Mark Vaus; Lisa Clark (also rep Mark Clark); Kirk and Lesley Swaby-Moore; Grace Swaby-Moore; George and Amanda Renardson; Jonathan Lee; Lisa and Gary Kerr (also rep George Kerr, and Chris and Bev Sparkes); Sean Mackay (also rep Marlene and George Mackay, and Sarah Dunk); Alistair King 'Alfie' (also rep Josh King); Chris Lowe (also rep Yvonne); Susan Sparling; Michelle Birchell (also rep Jared, Ruby, Halle, and Josie); Alison Smith; Mandy and Jim Pinder; Jessica Pinder; Lauren Haigh; Paul and Rachel Murphy; Hugh and Ann Patience; David Dixon; Allan Johnson; Pete Hopkins; John Hamill; Karen Doyle; John and Kath Young (also rep Caistor Running Club); Sue Chapman; Sarah Reilly; Chris and Bev Cope; Amelia Cope; Laura Bennett; Darren Shelton (also rep Alison Lark, and Mr & Mrs Donnington); Mark Haxby; Dave Allen; Linda Goodall; Lorraine Paterson (also rep Alan); Nick Whitworth; Jim Hutchinson; Andy Whitworth; Maxine Watson; Malcolm and Wendy Launder; Barry Everett; Monica Sanderson (also rep Katie, Rebecca, Sam and Jason); Gill Robinson (also rep Simon, George and Eddie); Graeme Ross (also rep Lisa Ross, and Bobby and Pamela Ross); Mike Ladds; Elaine Batchelor (also rep Graham, Lydia and Haydn Batchelor); Darren and Hayley Pickett; Ronnie Holt; Jeff Volley; Peter and Nicola Gibbons; Terry Raynham; Andrew and Julie Wright; Ellis Cartwright (also rep New Waltham Acad
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: March 26, 2020.
Home town: Grimsby
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