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The obituary notice of Maureen Ann GALLAGHER

Liverpool, Published in: Liverpool Echo.

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Maureen AnnGALLAGHER(Nee PRIOR) JANUARY 7 2009 SADLY TAKEN FROM US AGED JUST 63 YEARS PROUD HEAD GIRL AT ST. ANNES SCHOOL 1958 CRAWFORDS UNITED BISCUITS UNTIL 1983 KELTON GRANGE UNTIL 2006 BORN IN MYRTLE HOUSE "HAPPIEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE MUM..." IDOLISED Mum of brokenhearted and devastated son Christopher and daughter Denise, Husband John and devoted son in law Paul Woods MUM Together in Heaven at long last with your very special Mam "My poor Mam", Dad and Ninnie, jiving away with everyone, it"s great knowing you"re so happy all over again, may you all rest in peace together. "You"ll never be on your own Mum" (OH MUM, I never thought I would lose you, I am so hurt that you were taken from me, I feel empty inside. My heart is just broken and will never mend. You meant so so much to me, I idolised you. No one will ever understand how close we were and won"t need to, we knew. We shared so much and had so much more to share. You were my soul mate, my guardian angel, my precious, beautiful Mum. You used to say "I was your breath," Well Mum, "You were mine and my life will NEVER be the same. I"m so proud that you were my Mum. You gave me so much happiness and support all my life in everything I did. You were always there when I needed you, but you were always there for everyone, always put others before yourself. You were such a kind loving and special lady, there was nobody like you Mum. I need you back here with me. Me and you against the world. "Just the two of us." Goodnight Godbless Mum. With love "From Me To You." Your No 1 Star.) - Your son Christopher xxx (MUM you lived for your kids, your illness Mum we all thought, was like everything else you"ve suffered that you always pulled through, but this one was like no other, it was just too hard to do. So sudden, so sad, no notice is the hardest thing to bear. I"ll never get over losing you. Mum, I want the world to know how lucky we were to have you. A special, beautiful lady always glamorous, smart, wise. Always had the answers, loyal to the core, admired by everyone who knew and loved you, you stuck by everyone who needed you, always found the good. Never put yourself first. Mum we were so very close we had such a special bond, my greatest gift of all was to have you to share everything with. Only the best was good enough, all your favourite places Monaco, Dubai, London, the shows, we went everywhere and still had more places to go. Things will never be the same Mum, there"s no-one like you in this world Mum, I am eternally grateful for the strength, courage and everything you did for my new life and gave me the best and look how I turned out "the best" I"ll continue to be the same, stay with me Mum, you"ll never leave my side, me and our babe, your son, will always be OK. You did us so proud) - brokenhearted daughter Denise xxx Much more than once I cry your name A lways there to ease all our pain Uuseless as ever, I can"t say the right things R egretting some ways that may have been E ver so gentle you let me know E nding my sorrow and telling me so Now you"re in Heaven my beautiful wife, never forget you the rest of my life. Ever yours love you John (You were my mate and Mother in law, you meant so much to me, When we went out drinking you only asked for tea. As the days got closer, there was nothing I could do, I was too far away Maureen, but I could feel it too. Our jiving days are over, I can"t believe that"s true, there"s no one I can jive with now, I could only jive with you. Goodnite God Bless - Paul Woods (Oh my dearest friend and confidante, my heart is bleeding inside at the thought of not seeing your beautiful smiling face or hearing your lovely voice again. I miss your laughter, your eyes, and your wise, wise words, but most of all I miss you! Your are my angel sent from Heaven, who truly changed my life forever. I know my darling you are at peace with your beloved Mam. Goodnight sweet girl) - Your brokenhearted friend and sister Tracey xxx MOEY (Why did you leave me so quickly. You loved me beyond all reasons, and I adored you, so your memories will live with me forever, and I"ll love your "son" forever. Goodnight my darling "doom & gloom") - Your Myra xxxxx (Mum, I"m so lost without you, I"ll keep your slippers warm, I"m better now.) - Your faithful and baby Snowy xx .
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119 visitors. Published: 16/01/2009
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