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The obituary notice of Albert ROBINSON

Liverpool, Published in: Liverpool Echo.

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AlbertROBINSON18th July 2007 MY HUSBAND (Albie we have been together for 40 years and married for 37. We have had our ups and downs but we always came through them because we had each other. On Tuesday 18th July my life was to change forever, as you were suddenly taken from me. The last twelve months your strength of character, your spirit, your witty sense of humour and determination brought us through so much. Albie I love you and I am going to miss you with all my heart. I know you will be with our Leigh and that you will look after each other and that gives me comfort. Watch over me until we meet again. Good night and God Bless Alb, give our Leigh a big hug and a kiss from me). - Your loving wife Dot XXXX (Save the last dance for me). BROTHER (To hear your voice, to see you smile, to sit and talk to you a while, to be together in the same old way would be my greatest wish today. Gonna miss our chats Alb. It"s only a dream Alb between me and you. I know our Leigh is waiting at the gates of Heaven for you. I will mind our Dot). - Your brokenhearted sister Annie Bow (Mother hen). XX (I"ll never ever forget last Friday afternoon we spent together laughing and joking. That afternoon will stay with me forever). - Brother-in-law Clarky XX ( I wasn"t ready for this Alb from sitting, talking, laughing, telling you to shush, you did that alright. Just glad we were all with you. You have left us all with happy memories. You went with such dignity in the arms of your Dot). - Your heartbroken sister Rose & brother-in-law Tony. (You got one wish Alb, you got our Leigh back). (A simple message I wish to send, to my brother Albie who was also my friend. You will always be part of me, a part that only I can see. We"ll laugh and talk like we used to do and no one can take my memories of you. Goodnight, God Bless). - Sister Karen XXX (So shocked Billy. You made my belly ache and now you"ve made my heart ache. You didn"t want any fuss and never complained. I loved you and I"m really gonna miss you. Our Leigh will be there to show you the way. Don"t worry about our Dottie, she"ll be fine. "I"d walk a million miles for one of your smiles our Albie"). - Loving brother Joey X. (Goodnight, God Bless Albie). - Franny X. (Walk on Albie). -Godson Shaun X Heartfelt sympathy to my lovely sister. (To our Albie - you made us so happy. These last few months your strength, determination and sense of humour was fantastic, you never once complained. I will miss our little talks. I"m sitting in my favourite place writing this and looking at the gazebo that you bought. We put it up for you Albie, it"s lovely. I loved you to bits, you really cheered me up. I will look after your Dot for you. I will miss you Albie, so much. Give our Leigh a big hug off me). - Lots of love your Barbara XXX UNCLE (When I saw you on Monday night Alb you looked so fit and well, little did I know it would be our last farewell. Our loss is Heaven"s gain. Reunited with our Leigh and all our loved ones. Give them all a big hug for me. Don"t worry about our Dot, we"ll look after her). - Loving niece Carla, Phillip, Phil & Jake X (You closed your eyes you had to go, why so soon I"ll never know. It breaks our heart to lose you Alb. God only takes the best, love you loads). - Niece Karen & Ste. (Goodnight and God Bless). - Great nieces Kyrin & Katie X (Our Albie, you always had to have the last word with my dad. You always had to be "Mr Right". You always had a story to tell. What I"d give to have you "skittin me" tonight. X. You and our Leigh together now Alb, I know you will always be watching over our Dotty X. Don"t worry "me dad" will look after her). - Rachel, Carl & Megan X (Our Albie, you were like a dad to me, you have watched me grow up and looked out for me. Not having you here will tear me apart, but you are still close to me right in my heart. Goodnight, God Bless). - Francis & Barbara X (Our Albie, the angels must be singing a song just cos they"ve seen you come along. You"ll make them laugh, you"ll tell them what"s what "cos when you were here that"s what we got. Miss you loads, hugs and kisses). - Stephanie, Lucy & Franco X (Special message we wish to send to our fave uncle who was also our friend, one in a million, that"s what your were, we just think it"s so unfair. We all know now what you"re going to do, take our son"s hand, he"s waiting for you. We will look after our Dotty for you Alb). - Love your fave nephew and niece Gary XXX & Lill XXX (Am going to miss all your "during the war" stories, even though you had that many to tell). - Love always your mate Gary-Lee X (Thank you for being my God Father. Who will I watch "Timothy Goes To School" with now. I will miss eating all your sweets). - Love your cheeky little niece Sophie XXX (Goodnight Bert. Happy times and boss memories. Always there for me, lost without you and our Leigh. Guide the Reds to more success, 5 times. "Stay on your feet Joseph"). - Joseph & Carly XX (My uncle Albie, can"t believe I won"t see you again. You were more than an uncle to me. I will miss you loads. Give our Leigh a hug and kiss from me). - Love Shaun (What a great sense of humour, what a lovely smile. Glad I got to see you on Monday and sit and talk with you a while. Never forget you Albie) - Your loving nephew Jordan X (Goodnight and God Bless Albie) - Alex X (You tried so hard to stay with us Alb, most of all for your world, your life "your beautiful wife, our Dot". We didn"t know it was time for you to go but we all do know that your reunited with "our Leigh" and you are both as happy as can be...) - Your loving niece Kelly XXX (It"s not what I write, it"s not what I say, I"ll always remember you in my own special way. Goodnight Albie). - Niece Natalie & John XXX
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81 visitors. Published: 23/07/2007
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