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Ever after his death on 17 June 1961, Jeff Chandler’s contribution to the world of film remains an enduring one. His acting versatility and on-screen presence won him a long list of high-profile roles alongside a variety of top leading ladies. His death by surgical malpractice shook the acting world, not to mention his army of adoring fans. And while Hollywood lost a great star, Mr Chandler gained one on the Walk of Fame. Born in Brooklyn on 15 December 1918 , Mr Chandler – who was originally called Ira Grossel - joined a substantial number of his later contemporaries when he attended Erasmus Hall High School . Although his acting career was interrupted by a stint working for stock firms and then serving in World War II, he later began working as a radio actor before appearing in his first film Johnny O’Clock in 1947. He began to show his true potential in 1948, when he appeared in Sword In The Desert. His 6’4” stature, premature greying and distinctive voice served only to help him stand out from his fellow actors and provided ample opportunities to be paired with a roll call of glamorous actresses such as Jane Russell, Joan Crawford and Maureen O’Hara. Mr Chandler was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Broken Arrow in 1950, and, despite going through the ordeal of divorce in 1954, his professional life went from strength to strength as he added films such as Away All Boats, Man In The Shadow and Foxfire to his name. He also saw some success as a recording artist as well as setting up a publishing company, Chandler Music. On the set of what would be his last film, Merrill's Marauders – in 1961 – Mr Chandler injured his back while playing baseball with extras and had to have surgery for a herniated spine. Mr Chandler developed blood poisoning after complications arose during operating and eventually passed away at the age of 42 – later deemed to be due to malpractice - leaving two children. Although his films may not have joined the ranks of the biggest and best Hollywood greats, he was nevertheless a much-loved facet of 1950s cinema. His muscular, tanned looks were an integral part of a number of action films and westerns, while his benevolent yet bolshy spirit made many a film set a more interesting place. As with so many celebrities, he appeared to have hit his peak when he made Merrill’s Marauders, which some said was his best film yet. But, to his fans, his contribution to film could simply not have been bettered.
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Published from: June 17, 1961.
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