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CULLUM Joyce Joyce Cullum (98): a service took place at Grimsby Crematorium and was conducted by Mike Tombs. Family mourners attending: Robert and Heather Cullum, son and daughter-in-law; Paul and Pam Cullum, son and daughter-in-law; Geoffrey and Margaret Cullum, son and daughter-in-law; Gillian and Michael Bacon, daughter and son-in-law; Ian and Wendy Cullum, son and daughter-in-law; Simon and Lisa Cullum, grandson and wife; Julia Bacon,granddaughter; Amy and Glen Maxwell, granddaughter and husband (also rep. Cameron and Ruby Maxwell); Katie Cullum, granddaughter; Richard and Debbie Cullum, grandson and wife (also rep. Holly, great-granddaughter); Alison and Nic Austin, granddaughter and husband; Martin Bacon and Michelle Waters, grandson and partner; Philippa Jorgensen, granddaughter; Helen and Nick Mellin, granddaughter and husband (also rep. Nicole Mellin, great-granddaughter); Phillip and Karen Cullum, grandson and wife; Melanie and Darren Lambert, granddaughter and husband; Sam McCarthyBacon, great-grandson; Paige McCarthyBacon, great-granddaughter; Morgan Cullum-Lambert, great-granddaughter; Tilly Lambert, great-granddaughter; Jaimie McSorley and Josh Vallance, great-granddaughter and partner; Danny Bacon, great-grandson; Annabel Cullum, great-granddaughter; Bronte Cullum, great-granddaughter; Stacey Waters, great-granddaughter; Stephanie Crampton, great-granddaughter (also rep. Harley Waters, great-grandson);Rhys Cullum, great-grandson (also rep. Deri Cullum, great-granddaughter);Tia Cullum, great-granddaughter; Julie Gibson-Anstice and Carl Anstice, niece and husband; David and Christine Petch, niece and husband; Christopher Petch,great-nephew; Emily Petch, great-niece; John and Pam Kiddle, cousin and wife; David Cullum, cousin (also rep. Sheila Rankin and family); Liz Cullum, cousin (also rep. Margaret Rothwell and family); Anne Cullum. Other mourners attending: Michael McCarthy; Pat and Jen Baker; Janine Lakin (also rep. Waters family); Beverley Bark; Brenda Margarson (also rep. Frances Hatfield and Allan, Pat and Kev Fannon); John and Elaine Dawson; Eric and Pam Turner; Donald Potter (also rep. Pamela Potter); Susanne Conchar; Alan and Karen Smith (also rep. Stephen and Andrea West and family); David Drinkell; Michele Tasker; Muriel Wiseman; Carly and Caitlyn Burnett; Toni Vincent; Nicola and Katie Smith. Funeral Arrangements were by Sentiments Independent Funeral Home Ltd.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: October 31, 2019.
Home town: Grimsby
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