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SUTTON Thomas Thomas Sutton (89): A service took place at St Clements Church Grainthorpe, followed by Interment in the Churchyard and was conducted by the Rev Ian Chisholm Family Mourners: Ruth Sutton, wife; Diane Sutton and Stephen, daughter and partner; David King, brother-in-law; Margaret King, sister-in-law (also rep Hilary, niece and Robert, nephew); Louis King, brother-in-law (also rep Helen, niece and Ann, niece and families); Richard King, brother-in-law (also rep Yolande King, sister-in-law and Claire King, niece); Jane Scutt, niece; Rebecca Barker, niece; Rosalyn Lester, niece; Sarah and Paul Kirkby, niece and husband; Alyson and Steve Hodder, niece and husband; Billie Grainger, niece (also rep Ron Grainger); John and Doreen Silvester, cousin; Arthur and Carol Spalding, cousin (also rep Ann Partington, Rachel Grainer and Ralph Rodwell, cousins); Others Attending: Roger and Alice Maidens, Ken and Pam Hewson, Mr and Mrs R Brader, Mr and Mrs C Oxborrow, Reverend Norman and Mrs Pat Carr, Nigel and Liz Fisher, Tom and Christine Atkinson, Mr and Mrs Ian Atkinson, Mr and Mrs D Carr (also rep Mr K Carr); Michael and Julia West (also rep Carr and West); Messrs: Ivor Jacklin, Nick Cook, Michael Crombie, Colin Wood (Caistor), Peter Housham, Major Bark, A Brader (also rep Mrs T Brader); Allan Bucknall (also rep Freda Bucknall); Henry Hickling (also rep Anne Hickling and GHParker); Mesdames and Misses; Shirley Wright, Mandy Hodson, Andrea Caroline, Freda Deakin, Shirley Pexman, Emma Lingard, Sarah Lingard, Wendy Conroy, Katrina Schiavone, Freda Oliver, Carole Hopper, Emma and Georgina (Libertas); Rebecca Wright (also rep Sally and Russ): Mary Winslow (also rep Eileen Burnett); Karen Stabler (also rep Archie Lewis); Sarah Hampton (also rep Pennell family); Maureen Hutchinson (also rep Bernard Hutchinson); Cynthia Wray (also rep Gordon, Jonathan, Jane and Jamie); Sandra Paddison (also rep Tony Lewis, Robert Hartley and Tubby Hartley); Arrangements were by Mashfords Independent Funeral Services of Cleethorpes
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: March 08, 2019.
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber
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