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Additional online benefits to placing a notice for your loved one
Adding charitable donations
Adding charitable donations
Families can raise charitable donations in memory of their loved one with payments made directly to the charities.
Unlimited online photo gallery
Unlimited online photo gallery
Multiple photos can be added at point of booking and directly on the notice once it has been published for free.
Unlimited Tributes
Unlimited Tributes
Families, friends, neighbours, colleagues etc can pay tribute and messages of condolence online free of charge forever.
Sharing a loved ones Notice
Sharing a loved ones Notice
Families and friends can share via various social channels, one single share can go further than you think.

Online Funeral Notices

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Published 03/10/2022
by Vicki Barlow
Most of us recognise a funeral notice as being an obituary or an intimation that is published in a local newspaper. At Funeral Notices we have been publishing these types of notices for over 100 years. Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the number of online notices we publish. These notices do not go into a newspaper, rather they appear online at Every newspaper notice also appears on our website - meaning they benefit from our online audience as well as those who read the newspaper. As online notices are comparatively new, we thought we would take a moment to talk about the benefits to grieving families of a notice on Funeral Notices.

Why online notices?

The way people choose to read their news has changed. In January 2022, 13.9m people in the UK agreed they are increasingly using local news websites to find local information.* According to the Reuters Institute/University of Oxford 2022 Digital News Report, 73% of the UK source their news online (including social media).

This shift from traditional media to digital also relates to the way people look for information on those who have passed away in their community. In May 2022 over 1.2 million unique users viewed more than 19 million pages on, making us the most popular tribute site in the UK.**

There will always be a place for traditional obituaries, as long as there are newspapers there will be a dedicated section for people to announce the passing of their loved ones, but the changing ways people search for information means the traditional notice has had to adapt to survive - and it's now a thriving service available to the funeral industry, benefitting millions of families throughout the world.

What does an online notice offer?

The first benefit of an online funeral notice is the cost. Printing costs are rising, whereas digital costs are much lower. This is reflected in the price of the notice, with an online notice on Funeral Notices costing £36.

All notices that appear on provide families with a free tribute service allowing people to add unlimited messages of condolence, share memories and upload photos. People also have an opportunity to reply to tributes directly and we have many instances of family thanking people for their kind words or donation.

The tribute reply function allows people to send their email address to the person who left the tribute; helping friends and family stay in touch with one another.

Online funeral notices may be viewed by anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. This means anyone unable to attend the funeral can add messages of condolence or make a donation, perfect for friends and family abroad as well as your local communities.

Online donations

Online donations are available on all notices and may be raised for up to 5 charities/good causes.

There is no cost to families or Funeral Directors for this service and we provide charities with the information needed to collect Gift Aid - adding an extra 25p to every £1 donated.

Our fantastic audience means we are able to raise some fantastic amounts for local, national and global charities on notices.

Some families, after collecting donations, don’t know how to give the money to the charity. Donating online via funeral-notices solves this problem by giving families easy access to a simple, cashless donation process.

Share with family & friends

All of our notices may be shared via all of the popular social media, messaging, email apps and websites. Unlike social media posts, funeral notice tribute pages are easy to find, to return to and visit whenever and wherever you like, offering comfort to loved ones across the UK.

An online funeral notice is easy to bookmark to a phone, iPad or laptop and may be returned to time and time again, whenever and wherever you choose. Every comment/tribute/photo/video and candle added to an online notice is moderated too, offering extra peace of mind that their notice remains in a safe space online.

Why Funeral Notices?

Funeral Notices is home to more than 4.9 million notices, with new tribute pages added every day. An online notice has the ability to grow to become an everlasting tribute to a loved one.

An online notice is fully interactive, dynamic and designed to support families in their grief. Online notices allow families to collect in-memory donations, receive messages of condolence, add tributes, upload unlimited photos - in memory of their loved one.
To create a notice on, visit our booking site here.

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* Source | GB TGI-2022 January (December 2020 - November 2021)-© Kantar
** Source | GA | 01-31/05/2022
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Manu shamji varsani DOB 02/09/1956
Parbat varsani :
02-09-2023 09:31:21
Michael Taylor passed away 14th April 2023 aged 50. Miss You Always. You Will Never Be Forgotton Mick ❤❤
Michael Taylor:
28-04-2023 15:48:06
Happy Easter Mum 2023
Julie foreman :
08-04-2023 08:22:24
A loving and devoted mum x
Olive Greenough:
07-10-2022 18:11:00
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