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Richard George ENGLISH

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ENGLISH Richard george RICHARD GEORGE ENGLISH (72): A service took place at Grimsby Crematorium, and was conducted by Reverend Alan Hayday. Family mourners attending: Jean English, wife; Wayne English, son; Sam Parker, stepdaughter; Sid Parker, grandson; Harry Parker, grandson; Amelia-Jayne Parker, granddaughter; Marie and Stuart Hewson, cousin; James Hewson; Sally Evans, cousin; Gemma and Carl Larder; Dave Parker; Gemma; Emma; Paul Diable; Kelly Hewson; Ross and Sarah Hewson; Andrew and Sharon Scaman; Mason Cooper, grandson; John and Debbie Cooper, stepson and wife; Barbara Cockerel, sister in law; Tony and Barbara Bennett, brother in law and sister in law; Mark Haith, nephew; Roger Haith, cousin; Simon Cliff; Sinead Parker (rep Ian, also Paul, Julie, and Helen Parker). Other mourners attending: David Nurrish (also rep John and Sonia Caswell); Susan Nurrish (also rep Michael Nurrish, and Rachel Nurrish-Walker); Sheila Grundy; Nicola Pike (also rep Paula Vessey); Bob and Angie Laking; Terry and Brenda Nurrish (also rep Ben Allen); Gordon and Stella Griffin; Cherry and David Tingle; Lance and Janet Jacklin; Stuart Marshall (also rep Michael Marshall); Kelly Davis; Chris Williamson (also rep Rhianna and Shannen); Victoria and Robert Cass; Don and Margaret Harness; Alan and Ruth Bradbury (also rep Wayne, Dax and Pearl Turner); Colin and Ann Cooper (also rep David and Molly Webster); Peter and Barbara Oliver; John Jacklin; Stewart and Dianne Read; Mary Wressell; Graham Blackbourn; Keith West (rep Graham and Stewart West, and Keith and James Marshall); Karen Nurrish; Dean Jacklin; Michael and Lesley Hyde; Tim and Rosie Donovan; Jerry Elston (Bass Tavern Golf Society); Nigel and Karen Larder; Peter and Janet Cass (also rep Neil and Mary Worthington); Joanne Bradbury (also rep Lee); Freda and Ian Steel; Steve and Emma Metcalf (also rep Jasmine); Richard Ablott; Chris and Anne Parkin; Lucy Race; Emily Webber; Neil and Julie Webber (also rep Charlie Webber); David Cope; Colin and Chris Mills; Martyn and Elaine Leonard (also rep Sean Meggitt); Nigel Draper; Gary and Tina Newton; Tanya Smith (also rep Lucy Lapsley); Mick and Mandy King; Richard Genney; Lisa and Glynn Westcott; Vaughan Jaines; Tosh Hobson; Sam Lancaster; Lee and Sally Austin (also rep Martin Trick); Gordon and Stella Griffin; John and Alice Griffin; Maggie Burns; Carol Worrell (also rep Sandra and Geoff Silvester, and the Padbury family); Phil and Linda Parrish; Sam Allen; Chris and Mary Simons (also rep the Simons family); Peter and Iris Tolan (also rep M Johnson); William Thornes; Steven and Emma Jo Jacklin (also rep the Jacklin family, and Martin and Linda Clark); Becky Libell (also rep Tristan); Roy and Hazel Jacklin (also rep Jim and Gwen Parker); Lesley Brown; Valerie Davis; Dawn Wright (also rep June Lawson); Janet Casswell; David and Jill Musson; Julie Good; Clive and Pat Spencer; Jane Powell; Michael Lloyd; Nina and Andy Jacklin; Jamie Steel; Mike Wilkinson; Eileen and Steve Jacklin; Martin and Sue Carpenter (also rep Rachel Carpenter); Leah George (also rep Mark); Caroline Brewitt; Andy Mumby (also rep Linda); Adam Mumby; Craig Sutton (also rep Sharon, and Jill Sutton); Sue and Peter Gilliatt; Paul Shaw; Rob Fair; Nikki Webber; Paul and Hilary Lea; Mick and Sheila Shaw (also rep Karen Shaw); Steve and Zoe Mogg; Ricky Newton; Mark Casswell (also rep Jayne); Tony Hancock; Neil Atkinson (also rep Watson Fuels); Neil Martin (also rep Kate Urray); Susan Munro; Guy Acton (also rep Jenny); Frederick Butt (also rep Eileen); Albert Sayers. Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Funeralcare, Louth.
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Published in: Grimsby Telegraph.
Published from: February 22, 2019.
Home town: Fulstow
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