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SMITH Sally It’s been 2 years, we have cried so many tears. It seems a long while, since we last saw your smile. How we have wanted to hold you and feel your warm touch. Our hearts have been broken, we miss you so much. All our love, Pete, Arthur, Andrea, Debbie and all the Family xx
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Published in: Coventry Telegraph.
Published from: March 11, 2013.
Home town: Coventry
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Left by Miss you so much mum, andrea x :
Still Remembered My dear Friend, I can't believe its been that long since God took you away. I hope your happy where ever you are. Never forget you Sally xxxxx
Left by nikki Woodhouse: 28/11/2013
Sally Remembered with love and fondness always. Jackie xxxxxxxxx
Left by Jackie: 22/03/2013
2 years today x I can not believe its been 2 years. It still feels like yesterday. I remember clearly the day and this plays over and over in my head. I wasn't ready to let you go but then I would never be ready to do that. It wasn't about me and I understand how hard you fought. We let off some balloons again, this time at the memorial park. Gosh yesterday was bitter. The wind went through me. It wasn't how I wanted to spend the day but events took over that were out of my control. Your balloons went so quickly that we barely had time to watch them before they disappeared. Dad is trying his best to stay strong but he hurts inside so much. He is lost without you. But that's a sign of how much he loves you and that you ment everything to him, as I do and you do to me. I miss you so much mum. Good night mum, see you in the morning, sweet dreams, god bless, love you xxxx
Left by Andrea Pratt: 11/03/2013
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Left by Hannah Pratt :
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