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The obituary notice of Daisy Yvonne ('Georgie) HUDSON

Derby, 14/04/1943 - 26/05/2024 (Age 81) | Published in: Derby Telegraph.

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Central Co-op Funeral - Normanton Road
Central Co-op Funeral - Normanton Road
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Passed away peacefully at home on 26th May 2024.

Beloved wife to Isaac and devoted and much loved mother to Coral, Rupert (deceased) Denise and Stephen. She was an adored Grandmother, Great-Grandmother and Great Great Grandmother.

Daisy worked for many years as a nurse on the maternity wards at the Derby City General Hospital until her retirement and was a treasured and popular member of the staff team. She was a well known and valued member of the West Indian Community in Derby and also attended the All Nations For Christ fellowship. Her warm smile, caring and bubbly personality will be sadly missed by many family and friends.

A funeral service will be held in memory of Daisy on Thursday 27th June 2024 at Holy Trinity Church, London Road, Derby DE1 2QS at 11am, followed by interment at Nottingham Road Cemetery at 1pm.

Flowers welcome. Donations may be made to support: Cancer Research UK
73 Normanton Road, Derby DE1 2GH
01332 344070
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Published: 13/06/2024
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I saw her do so much for her family day in day out week in week out, never once complaining. She had such a positive spirit, always seeing the best in people, never one to gossip or fall out always inspiring others to live good with one another.

On moving to London in 1981 so my contact with the Hudson family decreased however I would never come to visit my grandparents without popping in to say hi, and was always greeted like royalty. I was fed and packed up with something to go home with. That was who she was, a feeder, who got enormous pleasure from taking care of others. Nursing was the perfect profession for her as she genuinely loved to look after other people
Its incredibly unusual to find all Daisy’s characteristics wrapped into one person which tells me and tells us that Daisy was a one of a kind, living breathing angel. Not just to me but to many of you here today. Daisy had this amazing ability to pour into people and made everyone she had contact with feel seen without judgment and feel heard without criticism. She was special
Daisy was likeable and she was also brave, even when she became unwell. I don’t know how she did it but somehow, Daisy maintained that smile and dignity throughout all her pain, suffering, surgeries, procedures and adversity and kept going until she in the end, she couldn’t.

That’s Daisy Hudson
From Susan Taylor -London
Denise Hudson
Candle fn_2
Denise Hudson
I cant speak about dinner, without going into a little detail. If anyone in the audience has experienced Daisy’s hand you will never forget all her famous dishes, not forgetting the famous Red drink, the list goes on. This lady was the first person who I ever saw serve her husband one plate of meat and a separate plate of food or rice. She was traditional but not rigidly so.
The definition of a Modern Matriarch is a woman who is powerful within a family, group, or organization.
Women that place the highest value on the aspects of nurture, care and generosity usually associated with motherhood.
Daisy taught me so much, I will just give you a few examples

• She taught me about the importance of keeping a clean and tidy home (Denise and Coral will remember those Saturday morning rituals)
• She role modelled how to be a good wife and mother
• She taught me how important it was for your bathroom to always smell nice
• Daisy taught me by example that fluffy towels and high quality bed linen were essential Finally, She taught me the importance of having a strong work ethic, never laying in bed for extended periods and always doing what we have to do FIRST …. Then rest .. Susan Taylor .tbc
Denise Hudson
Your friendship with my parents Franklin and Enid started back in the 70’s. Memories of coming to your house to have baths and remembering falling asleep and never wanting to leave and you would say “leave him sleeping”, he’s alright, As I got older you allowed me to call you Gee, you never told me I couldn’t.

No one has said my name and made me feel more proud than when you said it. After my parents passed you have remained a constant person in my life, keeping them alive in conversations and sharing stories which I had forgotten about.

Nothing was too much trouble for you, you gave your time, love and knowledge and understanding to everyone that met you. Qualities that you have passed onto your children. Memories we share so many, you taught Emma how to make Saturday soup, and laughed when she left the hot pepper in for more than 5 minutes. You shared Whatsapp photos and your love of YouTube made us laugh. and your smile was so infectious that it lit up the room whenever you walked in the room.

Gee, our dear friend, you remain in our hearts.

Love Raymond and Emma XX
Denise Hudson
Candle fn_1
Denise Hudson
Mrs Hudson, Daisy or Georgie, a beautiful special lady! She was the kindest most generous sincere lady one could ever know and loved by many. If you had the pleasure to have known her, you would realize that she would be a friend for life (family in my case).

My relationship with Mrs Hudson goes back a long way, around 40+years. A she worked as a nurse, she was one of the first to hold my firstborn and look after her. Mrs Hudson was the first to give me a well-deserved cup of tea after the birth and gave me some valuable advice. Mrs Hudson gave me a lot of support with Dominique and looked after her frequently, along with Denise and Coral.

Her help, friendship, guidance and sincerity cannot be measured in this lifetime. She was a beautiful spirit with an infectious smile that will always be remembered.
Daisy gave me a plant, a beautiful Calla Lily that I have watched grow and each time I go into my garden, I smile and think of her, it will always remind me of her.
We will take great comfort with the lovely memories we have of her now and always.

Love – Carol Cooper-Richards – Cousin
Denise Hudson
Candle fn_26
Denise Hudson
Mrs Hudson,
Words cannot describe how beautiful you were inside and out; you truly were one in a million.
Mrs Hudson has been in my life ever since I was born, she looked after me as a child and watched me grow into the adult I am today. I spent so much time at her house where I was truly loved and doted on. She has always been there for me, my mum and the rest of the family and I will forever be grateful for her kindness and support.

Mrs Hudson was a giver and loved helping people, she touched so many people with her generosity and this is why she was adored by so many.

Your beautiful lilies bloomed the other day, and they will always be a reminder of you and your impeccable garden which you loved, I will always remember the brightness and amazing flowers which you grew.

I don’t think I ever told you how much you meant to me, but I loved you deeply. I will miss you and you will always be in my heart.

Dominique Cooper-Richards
Denise Hudson
Candle fn_2
Denise Hudson