All notices can be shared with family and friends via social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp, at no additional cost.
Who Do I need to inform
When someone dies, you should ensure that the following people / agencies are informed of the death as soon as possible:

• Passport Office
• The local council
• Bank or building society
• Employer
• GP, dentist, optician and any other medical care provider.
• Pension provider
• Utility companies
• Insurance company
• Mortgage provider, housing association or council housing office
• Any subscriptions the deceased made regular payments to.
• The Bereavement Register, this removes the deceased from mailing lists.

You can ask your registrar, when registering the death, if the 'Tell Us Once' service is available from your local authority. This allows you to report the death to HMRC, DWP, DVLA, Passport Office and the local council in one go. If available this can be done by phone, online or by appointment arranged by the registrar. If unavailable these authorities will need contacting individually.