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Adding charitable donations
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Unlimited online photo gallery
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Unlimited Tributes
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Sharing a loved ones Notice
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Blue Monday - 20th January 2020

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Published 07/07/2020
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Blue Monday is the name usually given to the third Monday in January, which is said to be the most depressing day of the year due to a combination of post Christmas blues, cold dark nights and bills stemming from debt due to Christmas.

This was apparently calculated using an equation, however the existence of Blue Monday has since been discounted as pseudoscience and therefore not accurate. There's no denying, though, that January can be a tough month to get through. November and December are usually spent building up to the festive period, after which we all tend to feel a little flat. Just having to get back to reality and go back to work can be enough to make most of us struggle to get out of bed, not helped by the dark, dreary mornings. No wonder our motivation levels are at their lowest this time of year.
How to Beat the Blues
If you're struggling to get through the seemingly endless month of January, try one of the following tips:
  • Try something new - taking up a new hobby can do wonders, as it gives you something to focus on as well as to enjoy.
  • Exercise - try taking up a new sport or activity, something that you enjoy so you are more likely to keep it up. Studies show that those who do regular exercise tend to be happier in general.
  • Spend time with friends or family - it always helps to feel less alone. Have a catch up over a brew, or even organise a game night.
  • Find something to look forward to - a trip to the cinema, a new book to read, a new series to get stuck into.
Brew Monday
The Samaritans are encouraging people to go for a brew and a chat on Blue Monday (which they have aptly renamed Brew Monday). Check out their website for more information.
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