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Brake’s Kids Walk 2024

by Richard Howlett
Published 19/06/2024
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Every day 6 children are killed or seriously hurt on roads in Britain.

That’s the fact that stood out to me when I visited the Brake website, and why Brake’s Kids Walk is an important opportunity to raise awareness.

What is Brake’s Kids Walk?

Every year, thousands of primary school children take to the pavements in order to raise awareness of their right to be able to walk to school safely, as well as promote health benefits. The danger of traffic is a big factor as to whether or not families decide to walk to school or not. If an average of six children are killed or seriously injured every day on Britain’s roads, that’s the equivalent of a whole class full of children every single week.

Brake’s Kids Walk is a really engaging way of raising awareness of road safety issues for both parents and children alike, as well as promoting the benefits of walking for both peoples health and for the planet.

It’s also a great chance for Brake, the road safety charity, to do some much needed fundraising. Brake uses funds raised to campaign for safer roads, such as their campaign to reduce speed limits around all schools to 20mph.They also operate a free telephone support service for those who are affected by a road crash.

For more information on Brake, visit their website here, or to learn more about Brake’s Kids Walk you can watch this video:

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