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Adding charitable donations
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How much money was donated to the NHS through in 2020?

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Published 21/01/2021
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2020 was a year during which we learned to appreciate the little things, whether that’s spending more time with family or reconnecting with old friends online, or it was having more time to spend tending to your garden or catching up with that pile of books you’ve been meaning to read. But perhaps the most nationally recognised appreciation went towards the NHS.

We are lucky in the UK to have the NHS (you only need to look at the healthcare system in the US to see this), and this last year thousands of people took to their doorsteps at the same time and simultaneously acknowledged this great institution by applauding all those who work for the NHS.

This appreciation was extended further in the form of donations. All NHS Trusts up and down the country are registered charities, and so anyone can donate money to help out or show support to their local hospitals. Here on we give families the ability to donate to charity in memory of a passed loved one, and in 2020 we had over 2,100 individual donations made towards NHS charities.

How much money was raised for NHS Trusts on in 2020?

£54,475 was donated by friends and families in 2020 across 81 different NHS Trusts, plus an extra £10,108 was claimed in Gift Aid by those charities. In a year like no other, this money was incredibly valuable to the NHS and the people who work for them, so we want to say a massive THANK YOU to all those who chose to host their collections, and also to all those who gave so generously.

To give you an idea of how this money is divided down across all the local areas, here’s our list of the top 10 NHS Trusts in order of the amount of money we transferred to them on your behalf in 2020:
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Charity - £7,043 (+ £1,443 in Gift Aid)
  • Derby And Burton Hospitals Charity - £4,093 (+ £693 in Gift Aid)
  • University Hospitals Of North Midlands Charity - £3,612 (+ £618 in Gift Aid)
  • Swansea Bay University Lhb Charitable Fund And Other Related Charities - £3,458 (+ £673 in Gift Aid)
  • Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Charity And Other Related Charities - £3,153 (+ £533 in Gift Aid)
  • Association Of NHS Charities - £3,089 (+ £543 in Gift Aid)
  • Gateshead Health National Health Service Foundation Trust Charitable Fund - £2,245 (+ £416 in Gift Aid)
  • Royal Liverpool And Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust Charitable Funds - £2,040 (+ £358 in Gift Aid)
  • Northern Lincolnshire And Goole NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Funds And Other Related Charities - £1,457 (+ £254 in Gift Aid)
  • University Hospitals Coventry And Warwickshire Charity - £1,453 (+ £255 in Gift Aid)
Make sure to keep an eye on our blog and follow our social media accounts, as we will be sharing more charity information like this throughout January.

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That’s really positive
21-01-2021 12:48:56
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