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Marie Curie’s National Day of Reflection

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Published 23/03/2021
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Today (March 23rd) marks a year since the United Kingdom entered its first Coronavirus ‘lockdown’. Since then, over 100,000 lives have been lost across the country. This staggering amount of loss is almost hard to comprehend, not least because just over a year ago Coronavirus was only just beginning to appear and many assumed it would fizzle out as these types of disease often do.

The well-known charity Marie Curie is marking this poignant milestone with what it calls a National Day of Reflection. In today’s special blog, I am going to cover in further detail what the Day of Reflection entails and how you can get involved.
The National Day of Reflection
A simple gesture, but one which is really radiating with many across the country. Other organisations in support include the Church of England Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and Hallmark Care Homes, with well-known UK celebrities such as Bonnie Tyler, Chris Kamara and Dame Judy Dench also voicing their approval.
To add to that, over 50 Members of Parliament have signalled their support. These include the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas, Labour’s John McDonnell and Conservative Esther McVey, showcasing the bipartisan appeal that the National Day of Reflection has.

Matthew Reed, Chief Executive of Marie Curie, said: "We need to mark the huge amount of loss we've seen this year and show support for everyone who has been bereaved in the most challenging of circumstances – be that from Covid or any other cause. We've had a huge response from individuals, organisations, businesses, schools and groups from across the UK wanting to support the day - testament to how much people need and want to come together.”

How can I get involved with the National Day of Reflection?

Marie Curie has estimated that over 3 million people have been bereaved since the pandemic began last March, with many not able to give their loved ones a proper send-off.
On midday on March 23rd, a minute’s silence to mark the National Day of Reflection will take place. Marie Curie are also promoting the placing of daffodils in windows. As sun sets that day, people from across the UK are invited to appear on their doorsteps with a light - be it a candle or a mobile phone torch - for a further minute’s silence.

For more details on Marie Curie’s National Day of Reflection, please click here.

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