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Additional online benefits to placing a notice for your loved one
Adding charitable donations
Adding charitable donations
Families can raise charitable donations in memory of their loved one with payments made directly to the charities.
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Unlimited online photo gallery
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Unlimited Tributes
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Sharing a loved ones Notice
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Meet the Team - Designer

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Published 09/05/2022
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by Vicki Barlow & Neil Jefferson

Meet the Team - Neil Jefferson

Neil Jefferson has been with Reach Plc for eight years now. He came to work with the Contact Centre under Darren Minns as a Designer, responsible for print and digital advertising design. Neil's skills came into their own when it came to launching our own platform for family notices,

Neil is responsible for the look of the site and worked closely with Darren and others on the concept from the original idea through to the launch. He continues to be an integral part of the development of the website. Neil now works as part of the Commercial Marketing Team for Reach Plc under Nick Copson.

Neil is a big football supporter, Hull City mainly but he watches all football. He has been coaching football for 10 plus years too. When he is not watching sport he loves watching TV shows, sci-fi and murder mystery being his favourite genres. Neil also collects Lego, and in the past has made his own custom sets.

​Product Design Lead - Funeral Notices

The little boy growing up playing Lego always knew he would have a career in creative design, Neil says:

"My job is a creative role which has seen me over time progress from designing mostly print content for regional newspapers, to now designing digital content and videos.

"The highlight of my job is the design aspect of, which I designed from the original colour mood board to seeing it become the UK's most visited tribute website."

The nature of the content on means we have to be sympathetic and conscious of our sensitivity. The team behind Funeral Notices have drawn on their own experiences of grief to help ensure the needs of the bereaved are always our priority. Neil is at the forefront of this:

"Speaking from experience, I have found it comforting to have all my photos of my Mum in one place online, and having the ability to share with my family so they can add photos and memories too makes it more special. Her tribute page has grown over time and is something I like to go back and look at to honour her memory.

"Funeral Notices is a place for the special people in your life to be remembered forever, whenever and wherever you wish."

Supporting Funeral Directors

A large part of Neil's role now is creating testimonial adverts for Funeral Directors who have chosen to partner with us to publish their funeral notices on their own websites. Neil also creates indexing adverts for print and online displaying the company name and brand of our online partners.

"Speaking with my business head, I would say Funeral Notices is actually the best platform for Funeral Directors as businesses to help them grow their business.

But Funeral Notices is also the best platform for the families they support as what we offer is an everlasting legacy which promotes their commitment to their families ongoing support."

Neil is also responsible for creating code to allow Funeral Directors to embed their notices onto their website. Neil is also heavily involved in the creative content for our Account Managers and the Funeral Notices team. He also creates artwork for social media, trade shows and press releases.


Neil enjoys working as part of a team to help make the site it is today.

"Most of the team I work with I would call friends, even though we are a business and we have goals.
"Our main goal is to help and support families when they need us the most.
"Our team is brilliant at doing that and I am proud to work with them."
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