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National Grief Awareness Week

It's National Grief Awareness Week for the first time in the UK from 2nd December to 8th December.

It is driven by The Good Grief Trust, the UK's leading umbrella charity, which brings together all UK bereavement services, support organisations and helplines in one central database for both the bereaved and those working with them.

The aim of National Grief Awareness Week is to try to normalise grief, and get people talking about it on a national platform.

There is a taboo when it comes to grief and those who suffer it, causing a lot of people to suffer in silence. The Good Grief Trust is trying to change that, to allow people to seek the help they need when dealing with bereavement.

Everyone deals with bereavement differently, and it's become the norm to hide any suffering and put on a happy face. National Grief Awareness Week aims to encourage people to deal with their grief in a more healthy way, by seeking help and talking to people about how they feel, and about the person they have lost.

Events are being held across the country to raise awareness, visit to see if there are any near you.

To learn more about National Grief Awareness Week, visit the website

You can also visit to learn more about the organisation behind National Grief Awareness Week.

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